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Snapchat was down for tens of thousands of users around the world – volg regstreeks

Snapchat was down for tens of thousands of users around the world - volg regstreeks
It is unclear what has caused the outage but Snapchat has said that it is investigating

Photo sharing app Snapchat was down across the world.

Many users were been prevented from accessing the app or sending messages.

The official Snapchat Support account on Twitter posted: “We’re aware that some Snapchatters are having issues using the app right nowhang tight, we’re looking into it!”

It was unclear exactly what caused the issue, but Snapchat says that the app is now back online.

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Snapchat is back online

Snapchat has announced that its service is back up and running

Adam Smith13 Oktober 2021 15:36

What will happen to streaks?

Ongelukkig, Snapchat provided no comment when asked by Die Onafhanklike if users streaks would be maintained following the outage.

Adam Smith13 Oktober 2021 14:50

Snapchat: Issue is not ‘universal

Although users are still experiencing problems, Snapchat has just told Die Onafhanklike that the issue did not appear to be universal and many services were returning online.

Adam Smith13 Oktober 2021 14:49

Users are reporting being able to log into the app, but cannot load chats or bitmoji. It is unclear yet whether users who lose their Snap streaks will be able to reclaim them.

Adam Smith13 Oktober 2021 14:30

Issues appeared to begin at 11:39am GMT, with users reporting connectivity issues when trying to log into the app, according to the website DownDetector.

Adam Smith13 Oktober 2021 14:19

Snapchatwhat has gone wrong?

Nou dadelik, it is unclear what has happened to cause Snap’s outage.

Die Onafhanklike has reached out to the photo sharing company for more information, but has received no reply yet.

Adam Smith13 Oktober 2021 14:00