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Warning of travel chaos today as Storm Arwen to bring 75mph winds and snow

Warning of travel chaos today as Storm Arwen to bring 75mph winds and snow
Met Office has issued an amber wind warning for parts of north-east England and Scotland

Forecasters have warned of travel chaos as the first winter storm is set to batter parts of the UK with 75mph winds.

The Met Office has issued an amber wind warning for parts of north-east Inglaterra e Escócia from Friday afternoon until Saturday morning as a result of Storm Arwen.

The forecaster warned that flying debris leading to injuries or danger to life is “likely”, with people also told to expect damage to trees and buildings, public transport cancellations, road and bridge closures, power cuts and large waves.

Graeme Day, the Scottish transport minister, urged people travelling to take the clima into account, e disse: “Todo o país vai ter tempestades, mas o Met Office está nos dizendo que as partes orientais da Escócia, em particular, terão um clima difícil. ”

Yellow wind warnings are also in place across most western parts of the UK on Friday, extending to the rest of the country on Saturday.

Gusts are expected to reach 55mph to 65mph in parts of Scotland, Irlanda do Norte, Gales, south-west England and north-east England, with the highest to be seen in coastal areas.

Stephen Dixon, um porta-voz do Met Office, disse: “The worst-affected areas will predominantly be on the coasts, with gusts of over 75mph bringing possible disruption to travel and longer journey times, power cuts, flying debris and large waves, with beach material being thrown around.

“There is also a yellow warning of wind in place along the west coast of the UK from 9am on Friday, stretching from Scotland, through Northern Ireland and Wales and as far as south-west England.

“This reflects the impact Storm Arwen will have, with strong winds likely to occur into Saturday, when the warning is extended to most parts of the UK.

“The south-east and London, though fairly windy, are likely to escape the worst of the gusts and remain relatively calm in comparison to the rest of the country, which will certainly feel the impact of the storm.”

He said Storm Arwen is moving in from the North Sea and will begin to travel south before easing on Sunday.

O Met Office nomeia tempestades por trás de seu impacto potencial, with Storm Arwen declared as the result of the amber wind warning.

Mr Dixon added: “As Arwen causes disruption there will also be the chance of snow nos próximos dias, especialmente nas regiões superiores da Escócia e norte da Inglaterra.

“Também pode haver um pouco de neve na região de terras baixas do norte da Inglaterra, embora seja provável que tenha vida curta e caia na forma de granizo ou chuva de inverno.

“É uma consequência de uma queda na temperatura, com partes da Escócia e Inglaterra rurais caindo abaixo de zero durante a noite. ”

O RAC aconselhou os motoristas a se prepararem para rajadas fortes diminuindo a velocidade e tendo "muito cuidado" ao passar por veículos com laterais altas ou ciclistas.

O porta-voz Simon Williams disse: “Em condições de vento extremo, pontes também podem ser fechadas e árvores podem cair, por isso é importante dar tempo extra para as viagens.

“Com meteorologistas prevendo ventos fortes junto com condições mais frias, os motoristas devem aproveitar esta oportunidade para preparar seus veículos para o inverno, verificando os níveis de óleo e refrigerante, garantindo que eles tenham lavagem de tela de boa qualidade suficiente para proteger bem abaixo de menos 10ºC, além de ter pneus devidamente calibrados com boa banda de rodagem. ”

Transport minister Mr Dey warned drivers of adverse conditions, and added: “There is the potential for disruption on the roads, especially on bridges, and people should check the latest information before they set off, drive to the conditions and follow Police Scotland advice. The Traffic Scotland service gives details of ‘wind-based’ closures for the bridges on the trunk road network, allowing people to plan ahead accordingly.

“Motorists should check Traffic Scotland before they set off to make sure that their route is available. The Traffic Scotland mobile website – – lets people get the latest information on the move and the Traffic Scotland Twitter page is updated regularly.

“The conditions are also likely to lead to disruption on other modes of transport, so we are urging people to take the weather into account if they are planning to travel on trains, ferries and flights.”

Reporting by PA.