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Financial assistance offered to households hit by Christmas Day flooding

Financial assistance offered to households hit by Christmas Day flooding
One bridge collapsed and another was badly damaged in the deluge.

Damage caused to property and infrastructure in the south-east of Irlande after a Christmas Day deluge has been described as “monumental”.

le Gouvernement has confirmed that financial assistance is to be offered to households affected by the severe flooding.

Funding is also being made available for the repair work needed on roads and bridges.

Co Wexford was badly hit, with Co Wicklow also experiencing heavy flooding on Saturday.

Wexford County Council reported that one bridge at Wilton Bree had collapsed while another in Enniscorthy had been badly damaged.

TD Paul Kehoe, who lives in one of the worst-hit areas near Enniscorthy, said he had never witnessed such heavy rainfall.

“Hazards still remain in many places and the depth of standing water can be extremely deceptive, so please exercise extreme caution if you are out on the roads,” he tweeted on Sunday.

“A number of bridges were been completely washed away as well as untold damage throughout the county. Over 90mm of rain fell yesterday and while the damage is as yet unquantified it is bound to be monumental and way outside of the scope of the existing roads budget in #Wexford.”

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphries confirmed that the Government’s Humanitarian Assistance Scheme would be opened to the households impacted by Saturday’s flooding.

“As the clean-up operation begins, financial assistance will be provided to any household affected," a-t-elle tweeté.

“I know this is a very difficult time for those impacted by this flooding incident.

“My officials are meeting with other agencies shortly and are on standby to support anyone who needs it.”

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said he was concerned at the damage caused to bridges and the road infrastructure by the floods in the south-east.

“My Department will provide full support for Wexford County Council and other councils as they address and repair the damage caused by the flash floods," il a dit.