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British Medical Association gives backing to safe abortions Bill

British Medical Association gives backing to safe abortions Bill
The body gave its backing to Gillian Mackay’s Bill which would see buffer zones placed around abortion clinics.

O British Medical Association (BMA) has given its backing to a Conta that will see buffer zones placed around abortion clinics preventing protests taking place close to them.

An emergency motion presented to the union’s annual representative meeting said the body, which represents medical professionals, recognised the overturning of Roe v Wade in the Estados Unidos would cause “immeasurable harm”.

The BMA will also continue to condemn the overturning of the constitutional right to access an abortion and campaign for all UK governments to condemn the move.

The motion also asks the union to support healthcare professionals who provide care to women undergoing abortions and to disregard any criminal convictions in relation to providing care when applying for registration to professional bodies.

Members of the BMA will also give their backing to Scotland’s Safe Access Bill.

Scottish Green MSP, Gillian Mackay, who will introduce the Bill to the Scottish Parliament said she was “grateful” for the support.

Ms Mackay added: “My Bill will provide peace of mind for healthcare professionals and service users, ensuring that they can access healthcare free from intimidation.

“No one should be harassed at their work. Yet healthcare staff in Scotland, and those they care for, have been subjected to an unacceptable campaign of harassment and intimidation outside clinics.

“Many have been filmed entering and leaving their place of work and have had abuse hurled at them simply for doing their jobs.

“I will continue to work with the BMA and other expert organisations to progress this legislation as quickly as possible.”