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‘Stripes of natural beauty’: Megan Thee Stallion praised for embracing stretch marks

‘Stripes of natural beauty’: Megan Thee Stallion praised for embracing stretch marks
‘It’s the realness and natural body for me,’ one Instagram user wrote

Megan toi étalon is earning praise for sharing unedited photographs of her stretch marks au Instagram.

Jeudi, the “Savage” rappeur, whose real name is Megan Pete, posted several pictures of herself posing in a black Fashion Nova bodysuit.

The cutout design featured a high leg which showed off stretch marks on the musicien’s upper thighs and posterior.

Stretch marks are extremely common and harmless and appear as streaks or lines across the skin. Common causes of stretch marks include rapid weight gain or loss and pregnancy.

According to the NHS, women are more susceptible to stretch marks than men.

In one close-up photograph of her body, Pete placed her hands on the side of her hips to draw all attention to the marks across her posterior.

Her willingness to show her stretch marks, which are often regarded as an “imperfection” and edited out of professional photoshoots, earned dozens of positive comments.

“It’s the realness and natural body for me,” one Instagram user wrote.

Un autre a dit: “Yesssss, we love the realness! Stretch marks are a part of every woman’s body.”

A third person described the marks as “stripes of natural beauté".

"Franchement, I had to cry and celebrate this picture because this is the realist f*ck*ng picture out there,” another comment said.

Negative perceptions of stretch marks have been challenged by several celebrities in recent years.

Plus tôt cette semaine, pregnant model Ashley Graham shared a video of herself on set baring her stomach. Graham is currently expecting twin baby boys with her husband, Justin Ervin.

As she posed for the camera, a number of marks could be seen across her bump.

“I love seeing a celebrity with belly marks. I had them but all I ever saw were smooth, flawless bumps. Seeing this would’ve helped me so much," un utilisateur a écrit.

“Your body is so beautiful. What a blessing God chose your body to carry two little souls to join you in this journey on Earth,” another person said.

The model did receive at least one negative comment, with an Instagram user writing: “I had twins but I did not get any stretch marks. I hope this does not affect your career.”

“Goshhope I still have a career with my stretch marks,” Graham responded, adding three eye roll emojis.