Help baby sleep soundly with our pick of the best bedside cribs

Help baby sleep soundly with our pick of the best bedside cribs
These bedside cribs will help you rest easy with your baby by your side. We’ve tried and tested the best cots from Amazon, Mamas & Papas, Snuz, and more

As any new parent will tell you, those nights in the first few weeks with your baby are a mix of nerves, excitement and exhaustion.

Sure, at the start, the adrenalin of having a newborn will see you through, but as the days roll on (and into each other), dragging yourself out of bed – sleepy and sore – doesn’t get any easier, which is where bedside cribs can be helpful.

How we tested

With such a wide number of options to choose from, finding the right crib can be something of a minefield, so we’ve done the testing to bring you the very best on the market.

Our new-parent testers looked for key features such as quality and sturdiness, functionality, breathability, aesthetics, how easy the crib was to assemble, as well as the firmness and comfort of the mattress.

We also contemplated the care and maintenance of the crib. It goes without saying that life with a new baby can be messy, so being able to wipe clean or pop fabrics in the washing machine is a must. And is it value for money? Since most cribs cost anywhere between £100 and £300, it’s important to know what you’re getting for your purchase.

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The best bedside cribs for 2021 are:

Snüzpod 4

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

The most recent version of Snüz’s much-loved bedside crib is a bestseller all over the world and for good reason. Not only does the Snüzpod 4 have a wealth of technical features which make those long nights and parenting in general easier (yes please!), its dedicated “ComfortAir” technology focuses on regulating baby’s temperature and maximising airflow to ensure the best sleep possible for your little one.

The quality of the mattress feels impressive – firm yet comfortable – and the permeable mesh liner within the crib feels breathable but cosy and can also be removed for easy cleaning. As well as having an optional tilt function for congested or colicky babies (simply slide the incline “leg” underneath one side of the base), the bassinet sits on a rocking stand crafted from sustainably sourced beech. There are a whopping seven colourways to choose from – we picked “natural” which had a stylish Scandi aesthetic and looked great amongst our tester’s existing bedroom décor.

We also loved the versatility of this product – the lift-off bassinet means baby can nap anywhere in the house – and the zip-down panel is easy for sleepy parents to navigate. There are also several heigh adjustments.The quality and craftsmanship are clear, and as such, this took us almost an hour to put together. But once it was up, it was nothing short of a dream.

Hauck face to me 2 crib

Best: For easy assembling

Rating: 8/10

This crib from the German engineering experts at Hauck was upright in five minutes. The bassinet clicks swiftly into the height-adjustable frame – simply pop in the firm foam mattress and you’re good to go. You’ll also find two straps which allow you to secure the crib to your bedside. While most co-sleeper cots are suitable from birth to six months (or 9kg), this one is big enough to last until baby is nine months old.

The cot is deep and spacious, and our favourite feature was the super-soft plush edging, which makes it feel cosy and luxurious (though it is hand-wash only – sigh). The side panel is easy for even the most bleary-eyed parents to operate – it can be swiftly unzipped and unclipped as needed and the cot certainly feels secure as a standalone crib, while the mesh panel allows you to still see your little one from the other side of the room.

What makes the new and improved face to me 2 different from Hauck’s original foray into bedside cribs is the anti-reflux position which raises the crib upright slightly atone end. There are also five height adjustments that work in a couple of clicks. Since this was one of the lightest cribs we tested – and easiest to assemble and disassemble – it’s a bit of a shame this doesn’t come with a travel-friendly bag because it would be perfect for taking away with you. Still, it helpfully lies flat for easy storage.

Maxi-Cosi Iora co-sleeper

Best: For design

Rating: 10/10

The Maxi-Cosi Iora has a long-standing reputation for being an outstanding bedside crib. The brand is known for its in-car safety and, yes, the rumours are true – it delivers just as well on nursery products. It was also extremely straightforward to assemble (one of the quickest in our testing, in fact); it was clear from the outset which pieces went together. Though we took a quick glance at the instructions, we didn’t really need them.

Every individual element feels well-made and when constructed, the crib feels safe and durable. The bassinet itself is deep and spacious and as such, can accommodate babies up to nine-months-old. The material that lines the crib feels soft to touch and the mattress is firm yet comfortable and the perfect thickness, in our opinion. Parents will also be pleased to know that the fabrics can be zipped off for machine washing. It has a good-sized storage basket underneath – great if you’re short on space – and is available in a few different colourways. We ordered the popular essential graphite, which is easy on the eye, fits seamlessly with most bedroom décor, and even garnered a few compliments from visitors when we tested it.

The Iora also has five height adjustments which can be moved up and down at the click of a button, and we found it to sit neatly alongside the parent bed. There are straps to secure it, though, that can be tightened and neatly stowed away underneath. Disassembling is just as easy as putting it together, and there’s a bag included for effortless storage.

Bassinest swivel sleeper premiere

Best: For high-end features

Rating: 9/10

Known for its expertise in safe baby sleep, and having partnered with The Lullaby Trust, American brand Halo knows a thing or two about getting our little ones to sleep soundly. The Bassinest has long been a hit with parents in the US and since it’s been available in the UK, it’s been a popular choice with new mums, including a few celebs such as Stacey Solomon.

Firstly, it’s perfect for anyone who’s short on space in the bedroom. It’s compact and has a central four-prong base which slides snugly under the parent bed, allowing baby to be as close to you as possible. It’s super sturdy but it is heavy, so you might find it leaves a footprint in the carpet after a while. The bassinet itself has mesh sides all the way round, so it’s breathable and easy to see your child from the comfort of your bed. It also has a handy pocket on the side for bits and pieces to prevent you from having to fumble around in the night. One potential downside is that while the mattress cover is machine washable, the rest of the crib is wipe-clean only.

What sets this cot apart is the 360 swivel. It couldn’t be more perfect for mothers recovering from a c-section or particularly difficult childbirth. Its movement and positioning on the bed allow baby to be as close to you as possible while both maintaining your own sleep bubbles. Unlike most other co-sleeping cribs, it doesn’t have an opening panel, but the patented lowering bedside wall allows you to reach in and tend to your little one with ease. In essence, it’s kind of more like a Moses basket/bedside crib hybrid.

The premiere series also has a wealth of features that the original Essential doesn’t – including an amber nightlight, floor light, two vibration levels and four soothing sounds (all with auto-shutoff) to lull baby to sleep. The white noise, we thought, was particularly great and eliminates the need for any additional sleep aids. So, if you’re looking for a host of technical extras, this all-singing, all-dancing crib is a brilliant option.

Silvercross voyager co-sleeper

Best: For travel

Rating: 9/10

For us, the voyager co-sleeper from Silvercross rated highest in terms of portability and quick fold. Our tester was able to assemble the crib in 10 minutes, and though it’s large and spacious, it does fold down flat and the travel bag that comes with it makes it perfect for holidays and nights away from home.

It has most of the features that all good bedside cribs have, too – an optional reflux incline, handy storage shelf, and seven adjustable heights, which is more than some others in fact. The drop-down mesh panel is easy to navigate, too, even when you’re bleary eyed. Like some other travel-friendly brands, this design has swivel wheels, which are lockable but perfect for when you want to manoeuvre the crib around the house.

We found it to sit comfortably alongside our tester’s bed and there’s an easy-to-use harness included that’s compatible with most beds, even divans. The soft grey marl fabric feels cushioned, plush and cosy, and parents will be overjoyed to hear that it can be zipped off for straightforward washing. The foam mattress certainly passed our firmness test and is wipeable and easy to clean, too

Kinderkraft koya 4-in-1 co-sleeper

Best: Investment piece

Rating: 9/10

It might require a little more handiwork than the other cribs on our list, but you don’t need to be a DIY whizz to get the smart Kinderkraft koya all set up. It took us around 40 minutes in total. And alongside the instruction manual, there’s a great online tutorial that’ll show you step-by-step how to piece this beautiful baby crib together. And it is beautiful.

The traditional, Scandi-inspired 4-in-1 design not only serves as a co-sleeping crib, but also as an infant cot, a cot for toddlers up to two years old, and a playpen – so if you’re looking for a product that offers longevity, this is a stylish, modern and well-made option. It’s also durable and has been finished with thoughtful touches such as toddler-friendly rounded corners and baby-safe, non-toxic paint. The mattress comes included, too.

When assembling the co-sleeper, you have three base heights to choose from and there are straps to secure it safely to your bed. However, because the front panel is screwed in, it does mean it’s not quick to switch between a co-sleeper and a standalone crib if that’s something you’d prefer to do. It also comes on wheels that are lockable, so once you make that transition from your bedroom to baby’s nursery, it should be easy enough to move. Overall, a timeless piece of kit that’ll look great in any room.

Mamas & Papas lua bedside crib

Best: For a removeable bassinet

Rating: 10/10

It may have taken us a little longer than some of the other cribs to put together, but it was love at first sight when we tested the lua from trusted brand Mamas & Papas. It’s been a hit since it arrived on the scene in early 2021 and it’s easy to see why it’s been so well regarded.

The first thing we noticed was the quality and craftsmanship – it feels sturdy, and it’s beautifully designed. The wood finish and light grey fabric feels contemporary, the mesh panels are comfortable and breathable, while the smart storage shelf which doubles as a changing station was probably one of our favourite features – it even came with a changing mat. It’s touches like this that make a difference.

Unlike most of the other designs we tested, the lua doesn’t have a typical drop-down panel. What it does have is an adjustable side with enough give to allow you to lean in and pick up or comfort your baby effortlessly (it also has an auto-return option for safety). So rather than fastening to the side of your bed, this design is probably more of a standalone crib. The pros, of course, include baby being able to nap anywhere in your home (the bassinet is also removable), but this style may not be for everyone.

The fabrics are both removable and washable. It has six height adjustments–including a tilt option. It’s also collapsible. And while it’s probably slightly bulkier than one or two of the other travel-friendly brands we tested, it does come with a handy bag to keep it clean and dust-free in storage.

TuttiBambini cozee XL crib and co

Best: For longevity

Rating: 9/10

Initially our parent tester was worried the so-called XL would be much larger than TuttiBambini’s original cozee, and that it might be too big for their bedroom. In fact, the cozee XL has similar dimensions to the brand’s signature crib. What makes it different is its ability to transform into a cot (and then a toddler bed and sofa when you purchase the expansion pack) –extending the life of the product by at least 18 months.

Set-up was so simple; we didn’t even need to use the instructions. Each component comes clearly labelled and can be pieced together without difficulty. We also love the sturdiness of it, thanks to the quality of the materials, the strong base and the arched shape of the legs. It feels durable, even when moving it around the room. The drop-side function – which is present on both crib and cot modes – was initially difficult to operate, but we’re pretty sure that’s because the zips were new and a little stiff. Once loosened, they moved up and down easily without disturbing baby at all.

We love the sleek and stylish design; it fits in seamlessly as a piece of bedroom furniture and comes in two colourways. The wooden structure is wipeable, along with the fabric panels. The mattress is firm and comes with a machine-washable protector – in our eyes, there certainly wouldn’t be any concerns about keeping it clean. There are six heigh positions, including a tilt option, so it’s compatible with beds of every size. The cot is also surprisingly easy to pack away and once disassembled, it slots easily into the carry-bag that comes with it.

Kinderkraft neste air cot

Best: Budget-friendly buy

Rating: 8/10

As the least expensive crib on our list, and the second from Polish brand Kinderkraft, the neste air offers really great value. There’s absolutely no compromise on quality or features – it has everything you could want from a good bedside crib including a tilt function, breathable mesh panels, washable covers, and five adjustable heights. It’s also great for family travel as it’s on the lighter side and comes with an over-the-shoulder bag. The mattress is of good quality and even comes with a fitted cotton sheet – a nice touch.

It took us a while to assemble this one. The instructions aren’t the easiest to get to grips with and we struggled to find an online tutorial for this exact model. However, 20 minutes later, we were all set up and found the product to be as robust and sturdy as every other brand we tried. It’s on wheels, so can be moved around the room or away from the bed with ease. The security straps included also made it simple to attach the crib to the bed and we didn’t have any doubt that baby will be safe and snug sleeping in this.

Bedside crib FAQs

What is a bedside crib?

Bedside cribs – or co-sleeping cribs as they’re sometimes known – are designed to attach to your existing bed to allow you to effectively lie side by side with your baby. This gives you the closeness and convenience of sleeping next to your little one while minimising the risks associated with sharing a bed. Most will have a side panel that can be unzipped or unclipped and lowered, while others simply have a side with “give” that allows you to reach your newborn with ease. They should all convert to a standalone crib, which can be useful for both daytime naps and when baby is a few months old and starts sleeping longer at night.

What are the benefits of a bedside crib?

Firstly, they allow you to reach your baby without having to get out of bed so you can feed and comfort them quickly and easily – a godsend for those recovering from a c-section birth when your mobility can be limited. Look for designs that have a side panel that can be lowered for ultimate closeness and the easiest possible reach, but make sure that it can be raised or reattached to keep them safe.

Bedside cribs also boast a wealth of additional features that traditional Moses baskets don’t, including incline options to aid with reflux, soothing rocking mechanisms, handy shelves and pockets for toys and wipes, and many can be folded away into a bag for easy storage. And while babies can often outgrow their Moses baskets at around three or four months, bedside cribs tend to be wider and suitable for babies up to six months old or more, so you’ll get more use out of them.

They’re also super safe. In line with baby sleep guidelines, they allow your little one to have their own space, minimising the risk of suffocation, overheating, and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) that can be associated with co-sleeping.

The verdict: Bedside cribs

Finding the right bedside crib very much depends on what you want from it–are you keen to switch from co-sleeper to standalone crib at the click of a button? Do you want a cot with an open side that sits alongside your bed, or would you prefer a crib with a retracting panel?

For us, the Snüzpod 4 was the perfect all-rounder, but we can’t deny the brilliant simplicity of the Maxi-CosiIora, and we loved the Mamas & Papas’ lua as a standalone option.

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