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Are Lululemon’s bestsellers worth your money?

Are Lululemon’s bestsellers worth your money?
Known for its high-end activewear for yoga and running, we review Lululemon’s bestselling range, including its instill and invigorate leggings, and sports bra

There’s no denying that we expect a lot from our activewear – we need our sports bras to provide plenty of support, require our leggings to stay in place while we work out and our socks to prevent our shoes from rubbing.

Many of us also see updating our workout wardrobe as a form of motivation – a fresh pair of leggings provide a physical and mental lift, giving us the encouragement to get to the gym.

En, gelukkig, athleisure, gymwear and everything in between has been given a refresh, with big-name brands providing the goods. One such label is Lululemon, which has garnered a seriously large fanbase with its thoughtfully designed bestselling range, including leggings tailored towards yoga and low-intensity sessions.

Having not tried any of its activewear before, we were intrigued to see how Lululemon’s bestsellers stood up against the rave reviews and claims. Can the brand’s invigorate leggings handle a super sweaty session? And does its free to be serene bra provide decent support without restricting movement? We investigated, so you don’t need to.

Hoe ons getoets het

We gave this collection of activewear a run for its money, wearing the leggings, sports bra and socks to the gym, as well as on runs around the block and during evening yoga sessions, assessing the breathability, comfort and support provided by each item.

Sonder meer, we tried the Lululemon bestselling range to see if it (quite literally) held up.

Lululemon instill HR tights 25in

While Lululemon’s align HR pant have long been heralded as the best for yoga, the brand’s latest instill collection means they now have a contender. These high-rise leggings have clearly been designed to help you practice your best pose, with all the stretchiness and softness you’d expect. When you first put them on you’re likely to notice the thickness and support that they give, and the waistband quite literally holds you in. They’re undeniably comfortable and allow you to move freely. Wat meer is, for those who are worried about them being seethrough, we had no issues at all – giving us the confidence to stretch further into our downward dog. These quickly became one of our favourite pairs of leggings to wear for a low-intensity session, or simply while running errands.

Lululemon invigorate HR tights 25in

If you’re more into HIIT and running as opposed to yoga, you’ll love these invigorate leggings which are made from the brand’s signature everlux fabric (so they’re fast-drying, seriously stretchy and breathable). The high waistband and tight ankle cuffs mean that everything feels like it’s being held firmly in place, while the extra lycra means they keep their shape perfectly. If you like your leggings to have pockets, you’re in luck because there’s one on the side, which is perfect for holding your phone and a key during runs. These really are a no-brainer purchase – while they’re an investment, they delivered on all of their promises, and we now want a pair in every colour.

Lululemon free to be serene bra

If we’ve managed to convince you to upgrade your yoga wardrobe thanks to our review of the instill HR tights (£108,, then allow us to introduce you to your next sports bra, designed specifically for low-impact activities. It’s supportive yet not restrictive, meaning it’s perfect for stretching. We particularly love the longline design, which means you can forgo a T-shirt, while the back detailing adds something a little different.

Lululemon power stride tab sock

It’s all about aiding performance and comfort with these running socks. They provide support to the arch thanks to the ribbed design, en, as you’d expect, they stay in place while jogging. We found them to be breathable, well ventilated and true to size. They’re slightly thinner than other trainer socks we’ve worn in the past, but we loved the additional heel and toe padding.

Lululemon waterbottle crossbody

We were initially sceptical about this water bottle carrier, but it certainly came in handy during long rambles. If you’re concerned about having a place for your phone and keys, you’ll be glad to learn it has an exterior pocket. And it’s water repellant, which is a bonus in the British weather. We’d recommend this for those who want hands-free access while on walks, but don’t want to carry around a cumbersome backpack. We were pleasantly surprised by its large capacity.

Die uitspraak: Lululemon’s bestsellers

There’s no denying that Lululemon is at the top end of the activewear industry, and there are of course cheaper options out there. But it does really excel at producing supportive gymwear that is made to last.

Uit Lululemon’s bestsellers, die instill tights en invigorate leggings have quickly become our most prized items in our gymwear wardrobe – we’ve even worn them for running errands and on off-duty styling days. They’re comfortable and fit extremely well.

Maar, we also think the free to be serene bra is deserving of a special mention thanks to its ability to provide the perfect amount of support without being restrictive. Hats off to Lululemon – its bestsellers really are quite something.

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