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‘They’re destroying our country’: Trump blasts Biden over China, Middle East and border decisions

‘They’re destroying our country’: Trump blasts Biden over China, Middle East and border decisions
‘All he had to do is nothing,’ Mr Trump tells Newsmax

Former US President Donald Trump on Saturday criticised Joe Biden for his handling of Kina, border issues with Mexico, og Middle East.

“If he would have done nothing, we would have had right now the strongest border in history. All he had to do is nothing,” Mr Trump told Newsmax’s “Dick Morris Democracy” while talking about the US’s border issues.

“I had everything worked out with the other countries, whether it’s Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico. And even Mexico, stay in Mexico. In other words, these people ought to stay in Mexico, and they couldn’t get into our country. And he ended that. It’s just crazy what they did.”

He also claimed that Northern Triangle countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras) are “opening their prisons.”

“Their prisoners are coming in, their murderers, their drug addicts, and drug dealers, forresten. And the human traffickers are coming in. And we’re accepting them, because they’ve opened up the borders,” said Mr Trump.

The former president said: “The question is do they do it out of incompetence, which I happen to think, or they do it because they really believe open borders are good for this country? Which they are not.”

“We won’t have a country. They are destroying our country,Trump sa.

The issue of immigration is one of the most hotly debated topics in US politics. Soon after becoming president, Mr Biden had signed an executive order that would “reduce the deportation of those here illegally who have committed crimes such as DUIs that are not national security-related.”

He had also formed a task force to reunite children and parents who were separated at the border under the Trump administration.

In his phone interview, the former president talked about the US’s relations with China, the Middle East, Israel, domestic politics including defunding the police and rights of women.

He weighed in also on the Israel-Palestinian crisis and said “what’s happened to Israel is one of the great injustices.”

“If you look back 10 eller 12 År siden, Israel was so protected by Congress. Congress loved Israel. Nå, especially if you looked at the House, the House doesn’t like Israel. The House is protective of anything other than Israel,” said Mr Trump.

He emphasised that trade deals, including those with China and the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), should continue.

“China never paid us anything over the years. Nå, all of a sudden, we are getting tens of billions of dollars a year," han sa.

While on the US-North Korea dynamics, Donald Trump said he “developed a very good relationship with Kim Jong-Un.”

“We get no credit for that, but the fact is for four years, we had no problem. We were getting along. And now he’s very hostile toward Biden and the administration, very, very hostile," han sa.

“But the relationship was a very strong relationship, very good relationship, and it was really something that was going to lead to a deal. And now the relationship is gone, and it’s too bad. But he’s been very hostile and talking in very nasty ways to Biden,” said the former president.

During his interview, Donald Trump also criticised President Biden for his executive order that allowed “schools to let biological boys who identify as girls to participate in girls’ sports, and vice versa.”

“It’s insane … it’s very unfair to women and it’s going to destroy women’s sports. It’s so ridiculous. I can’t even believe we’ve to have a conversation about it, faktisk," han sa. On his first day in office, President Biden issued an executive order that protects LGBT+ people against discrimination in the workplace, schools, and health care.