Biden gets 52 per cent favourability rating in new poll – with Harris down at 47 パーセント

Biden gets 52 per cent favourability rating in new poll – with Harris down at 47 パーセント
Harris has faced brunt of GOP criticism over immigration

President Joe Biden’s favourability rating remains above water in a new Morning Consult survey, but the same cannot be said for Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the poll, 木曜日にリリース, Mr Biden enjoy support from 52 per cent of registered voters. Forty-five per cent said they did not approve of his performance so far as president

Ms Harris’ numbers are less favourable. Forty-five per cent of voters said they approved of the job she is doing as vice president, which as of now has largely been focused on managing the administration’s response to a surge of migration at the US-Mexico border, though she has also exercised her key tie-breaking vote in the Senate to confirm some of the president’s nominees.

A slightly higher percentage of voters had no opinion of Ms Harris’ performance vs Mr Biden’s (five per cent to three per cent), contributing slightly to the disparity between the two. She has also faced the majority of the GOP’s criticism over the Biden administration’s immigration policies following Mr Biden’s appointment of Ms Harris to lead up the White House repose to the migration surge; a flippant answer about visiting the border during an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt only caused that criticism to grow louder.

The first woman to serve as vice president, Ms Harris nonetheless is viewed more favourably by men than women (48 パーセントから 43 パーセント) and is totally underwater with independent voters (38 パーセントから 51 パーセント). Mr Biden’s support was more split among the various demographics, but he also trails with white voters behind other racial demographic groups.

Approval for Ms Harris was highest in the survey among young voters, and higher among Black and Hispanic voters than among whites. Among income brackets, she is viewed most favourably by those making above $100,000 per year, 51 per cent of whom said they supported Ms Harris’ performance so far, thought notably the president had a 13-point-higher favourability rating among Hispanic voters.

ザ・ Morning Consult survey included responses from 1,997 registered voters taken between 16-18 7月. The poll’s margin of error is two percentage points.