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Mike Tyson gives Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder verdict in fight ‘bigger than the hype’

Mike Tyson gives Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder verdict in fight ‘bigger than the hype’
The legendary heavyweight was impressed with both fighters’ performances in a classic fight in Las Vegas

Mike Tyson has claimed both Tyson Fury e Deontay Wilder “reached all-time great status” after completing their trilogy last weekend.

The Briton knocked his American rival out in the 11th round in Las Vegas, defending his WBC world heavyweight title to dramatically settle their three-fight feud.

And former world champion Tyson was delighted to watch “one of the greatest” fights unfold, with both men enhancing their legacies in the process.

“Fury vs Wilder fight will go down as one of the greatest,” Tyson claimed.

“Not for skill but for action and excitement. That fight was all guts, heart and determination.

“Everybody won Saturday night. The fight was bigger than the hype. Both of them reached all-time great status.”

While both men will go their separate ways from here, Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott has rejected thoughts of retirement.

Falando para iFL TV, Scott said: “Deontay has set his family financially secure so he doesn’t have to fight to make a living. But retiring is not in his plans at all and not something we’ve discussed.

“He will be back in any form he wants to be. He’s a big-time fighter and he doesn’t belong down there with the other guys, he needs to be in high-level fights and main events.

“Deontay Wilder was great on Saturday, but Tyson Fury was even greater – it was a great night of boxing for the heavyweight division. You have to give Fury credit for having a good chin and getting up. Fury is a legend and one of the best in the heavyweight division in any era, and it’s the same about Deontay.”