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Student in leg brace calls out school dress code over shorts violation

Student in leg brace calls out school dress code over shorts violation
‘How are you gonna dress code someone who can’t even wear pants?’ student asks in viral TikTok

A student in a leg brace has called out her high schoolSe dress code after she was informed that she had violated the rules by wearing shorts.

Hierdie week, Kyleigh, wie gaan met die gebruikersnaam @kyles._.w aan TikTok, addressed the incident in a viral video shared to the app, where she shared a shot of the full-leg brace that she is wearing as a result of a torn meniscus and the shorts she wore to school with the caption: “How are you gonna dress code someone who can’t even wear pants? Now I’m missing almost my entire class for this BS.”

In the comments, the TikTok user confirmed that she had been required by her school to change her shorts, as clothing hems must reach “six inches above the knee”.

“I had to put on workout leggings and now my brace is sliding around and I’ve had to re-adjust it six times today to even walk,”Het sy bygevoeg.

Die video, which has since been viewed more than 50,000 keer, prompted various suggestions from other TikTok users, with one viewer recommending Kyleigh wear jeans or leggings rather than shorts, to which she explained that she can’t fit jeans over the brace, and can’t wear them under, as that “defeats the purpose,” nor can she wear leggings as they are “too slippery”.

The teenager also said that her school’s dress code prohibits pajama pants, after another viewer suggested she try “men’s PJ pants”.

“We can’t wear any type of PJ clothes to school,”Onthul sy, while explaining to another user that she can’t wear sweatpants as it is “way too hot” where she lives.

While some viewers tried to offer suggestions, others expressed dismay over Kyleigh’s alleged dress code violation, met een persoon wat skryf: “They do everything but allow students to learn, I swear.”

“How is this even possible?” another person asked, while someone else joked: “Your cast is too revealing.”

In response to one comment that questioned Kyleigh’s parents’ reaction to the violation, the teenager said that her parents were “so mad”.

In a follow-up video, Kyleigh revealed that she returned to school the next day in a pair of her father’s shorts, which reached her knees.

“I’m literally wearing my dad’s shorts right now," sy het geskryf.

This is not the first time that students have taken to TikTok to call out strict school dress codes, as two students previously wore the same outfit to prove the rules are “sexist”.

Die Onafhanklike has contacted Kyleigh for comment.