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Brock Lesnar says he ‘probably should’ve been paid more’ for UFC run

Brock Lesnar says he ‘probably should’ve been paid more’ for UFC run
The WWE star was heavyweight champion in the mixed martial arts promotion between 2008 e 2010

WWE Estrela Brock Lesnar has said he “probably should’ve got paid more” for fighting in the UFC.

Lesnar became one of the biggest names in professional wrestling during his first WWE run, entre 2002 e 2004, before returning in 2012 after a spell competing in mixed martial arts.

The American fought in the UFC between 2008 e 2011, winning the promotion’s heavyweight title during that period, and returned for one more bout in 2016 during a brief hiatus from the WWE.

When asked to compare his working relationship with WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon to his relationship with UFC president Dana White, Lesnar toldOPat McAfee Show: “Dana’s alright. I’ve got a lot of money from him.

“I probably should’ve got paid more, pode ser.

“I really can’t compare the two guys. Honestly my relationship with Vince is so different than with Dana over the years. Vince and I have had a love-hate relationship for the last 20 anos, but it’s been good. We’ve got a lot of water under the bridge.

“I have a lot of respect for both men. Dealing with Dana is just a totally different approach. I met Vince when I was younger, I look at Vince more as a father figure actually.

“I’ve learnt a lot of things from him and I was able to carry those things over and handle business with Dana. Vince is a self-made person, so is Dana.”

Lesnar’s professional MMA record stands at 5-3 with one No Contest, as the 44-year-old’s 2016 victory over Mark Hunt was overturned when Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance.