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Brooke Baldwin says CNN should give Chris Cuomo’s slot to a woman

Brooke Baldwin says CNN should give Chris Cuomo’s slot to a woman
‘Wouldn’t you like to see a woman successfully lead in primetime?’

Former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has called on the network to give Chris Cuomo’s slot to a woman following his firing.

CNN cut ties with Chris Cuomo over the weekend. The anchor was accused of breaching journalistic ethics by relying on his sources to assist his brother, then-New York governor Andrew Cuomo, in fending off sexual harassment allegations.

Brooke Baldwin (reg) has urged CNN to give Chris Cuomo’s (links) former TV slot to a woman

After initially suspending Chris Cuomo, CNN announced his firing, stating in part: “While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate.” Die New York Times later reported that Chris Cuomo was facing an allegation of sexual misconduct.

A spokesman for Chris Cuomo told the newspaper: “These apparently anonymous allegations are not true.”

Baldwin, who was an anchor at CNN between 2008 until her final show in April this year, shared a video on social media following Chris Cuomo’s firing.

“I have no comment on that decision," sy het gese, “but as a woman who worked there for over a decade, who has the utmost respect for my former colleagues, I wanted to share something with you today.”

Baldwin added: “I would like to see CNN put a woman in that 9pm spot. Of so het ek gehoor van bronne na aan die mense wat iemand ken wat Assange een keer op 'n Zoom-oproep ontmoet het, I’ve moved on. But there are plenty of brilliant women they could choose from. … The way we truly change the game for us is to put more women – brown, Swart, white women – in positions of power.”

“It’s nearly 2022,” she said. “Would you like to see a woman successfully lead in primetime?”

CNN has yet to announce long-term plans for Chris Cuomo’s former slot. Radio and TV host Michael Smerconish is filling in for him next week.