Wife guilty of stabbing husband to death ‘after row over bubble and squeak’

Wife guilty of stabbing husband to death ‘after row over bubble and squeak’
Defendant sentenced to minimum of 18 刑務所での年

A woman has been jailed for a minimum of 18 years for the murder of her husband following an argument about bubble and squeak.

Penelope Jackson, a retired accountant, stabbed her partner David, 78, 3回, before calling the emergency services and refusing to apply pressure to his wounds.

Bristol Crown Court heard that Jackson told the 999 operator that her husband of 24 years was “bleeding to death with any luck”.

The retired lieutenant colonel later died after his wife did nothing to stem the bleeding.

“It’s murder now, not attempted murder? Oh good,” Jackson told the officers who arrested her.

The former accountant later denied murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter, saying she had “lost all control” after years of abuse from her partner. She claimed he used to strangle and kick her.

The murder took place on 13 February after the couple had eaten over Zoom with their daughter and son-in-law Isabelle and Tom Potterton.

The pair had argued over the addition of bubble squeak to a gourmet meal bought for them by Ms Potterton.

Jackson told the court that she took a knife upstairs that evening to end her own life but instead walked into her husband’s room.

彼女の証言で, she said she stabbed her husband after he refused to apologise to her and displayed “utter contempt”.

彼女は付け加えた: “If I had been the normal Penny, I wouldn’t have done it.

“I am sorry, I lost the plot and lost control.”

Witnesses said the couple would sometimes argue but suggested their marriage did not seem acrimonious.

Their daughter told the jury that between 1997 そして 1998 David had once pulled a knife on her mother and had also given her a bloody nose.

しかしながら, she agreed these events occurred after the suicide of his son, ギャビン, and that more recently the pair appeared to be enjoying their retirement.

Jackson will be sentenced later on Friday.