TikTokker finds another person buried on top of her sister’s grave

TikTokker finds another person buried on top of her sister’s grave
TikToks showing the Tawil family’s despair at finding their sister’s grave disturbed have attracted more than eight million views

Popular TikTokker Jess Tawil has shared the disturbing moment her family discovered another person had been buried on top of her sister’s grave.

Ms Tawil, 23, was stunned to discover her relative’s gravesite had allegedly been tampered with, leading to a heated argument with cemetery officials.

“So I just came to the cemetery to visit my sister, and I find that there’s a body buried on top of my sister,” she could be heard saying in the first video.

In a second TikTok, Ms Tawil shows an argument between a woman who appears to work at the cemetery and her father.

Mr Tawil asked why someone else had been buried on the burial plot he bought for his daughter for $12,000.

“I own this one,” says Ms Tawil’s father.

“How come you got money from someone to bury her above my daughter?”

The woman could be heard saying the discussion was getting “emotionally charged” and suggests they discuss the incident in her office.

“There was a newly buried grave on top of my sister’s grave,” she wrote in an overlay on the video.

“They have absolutely no idea who is buried on top of her.”

In a third video, Ms Tawil said she had come back to the grave to find someone had removed the tiles from her sister’s grave.

“They tried to flatten everything out. I don’t know if that person is under there. I’m not understanding.”

The Independent has approached Ms Tawil for comment.

The videos have received a combined 8.5 million views, and many have commented that the Tawil family should pursue legal action against the cemetery, which has not been identified.

“I work in the funeral business and you need to contact your state funeral director code of ethics department,” one person wrote.

In New Jersey, funerals and gravesites are regulated by two separate agencies, the New Jersey State Board of Mortuary Science and the New Jersey Cemetery Board.

The Independent has contacted the cemetery board seeking more information.

Ms Tawil, who is paraplegic, has attracted nearly two million followers on TikTok, where she shares regular insights into her life as she navigates the world in a wheelchair.

Ms Tawil has previously spoken about suffering a severed spine after she was in a car accident in high school.