エクソシスト: エレン・バースティンがデヴィッド・ゴードン・グリーン監督の新しい三部作で帰ってきた

エクソシスト: エレン・バースティンがデヴィッド・ゴードン・グリーン監督の新しい三部作で帰ってきた
The first of the three films is expected to arrive in 2023

Fans have been reacting to news that a new エクソシスト trilogy is on the way.

昨年, reports emerged that ハロウィーン 監督 David Gordon Green was on board to helm a follow up to William Friedkin’s original 1973 映画.

今, as reported in ニューヨークタイムズ, ユニバーサル has taken on Green to write and direct three new エクソシスト films with a budget close to $400m (£289m).

The new trilogy of films is expected to follow Green’s ハロウィーン structure by picking up the story in the present day.

Ellen Burstyn will return to the role of Chris MacNeil, who played the mother of Regan (かわいいブレア), a child possessed by the devil.

Leslie Odom Jr will join her as an as yet unnamed new character.

Fans have been reacting to the news on social media, with one saying: “No thanks, I’m still recovering from the first”, 別の追加: “Now this already sounds like a…打つ. David Gordon Green knows how to make Horror movies, and the cast list already fire.”

Some fans were sceptical of the plan, with one saying: “Can anyone come up with something original anymore? Everything is just remakes it seems- creativity is a lost art nowadays”.

The first of the three films could arrive in cinemas in 2023 after Green’s next release, Halloween Kills, which will arrive on 15 10月 2021 そして Halloween Ends, which is set for a 2022 リリース.