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Simon Calder arrangerer "ask me anything" live, siden Storbritannias rødliste er kuttet

Simon Calder arrangerer "ask me anything" live, siden Storbritannias rødliste er kuttet
The Independent’s renowned travel correspondent will be on hand to answer your questions following the latest changes

The Department of Transport has made a further announcement and has confirmed further easing of the restrictions on travelling abroad.

It has brought a huge sigh of relief to many as the majority of countries on the red list have been taken off.

Totalt 47 countries are set to be removed from the UK’s rød liste for travel in the latest government update, including South Africa – leaving just seven destinations subject to Britain’s quarantine rules.

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced that dozens of destinations, including Argentina, Chile, Thailand and Mexico, would be bumped up to the “rest of world” list, allowing vaccinated arrivals from those countries to bypass quarantine.

It’s great news for holidaymakers, and for people with families in those countries, who previously faced mandatory – and expensive – hotel quarantine packages.

The seven countries that will remain on the red list are Colombia, Ecuador, den dominikanske republikk, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

The changes come in from 4am next Monday, 11 oktober.

But is this the end of travel as we have known it during the Covid and traffic light era or are there still restrictions in place that could make our trips abroad difficult?

Our travel expert Simon Calder will be on hand to answer all your latest travel questions in a ‘ask me anything’ event on Friday (8 oktober). He will be answering live in the comments below between 1pm and 2pm.

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