Sir Tony Radakin said that Russian aggression ‘will be met in a very clear way’

Russia’s war in ウクライナ is forcing それで to “look again” at boosting military capability, a top defence chief has said.

Sir Tony Radakin, chief of the defence staff, was asked by LBC’s Nick Ferrari if he was concerned about comments made by defence secretary ベンウォーレス that Western countries could struggle to mount a long-term offensive against Russia.

Sir Tony said the military alliance was looking at its resources and the speed it could respond if there was an escalation with Russia, but that the “collective defence” of Nato gives the UK and its allies “extraordinary power”.

<p>Head of UK Armed Forces, Chief of Defence Admiral Sir Tony Radakin (Andrew Milligan/PA)</p>

Head of UK Armed Forces, Chief of Defence Admiral Sir Tony Radakin (Andrew Milligan/PA)

彼は言った: “I think the big point to reflect here is that we’re in the world’s largest and most effective military alliance called NATO.

“That’s over three million people, three-and-a-half million people in uniform, and that collective defence of ourselves with the US, but with all of the European nations in NATO, with Canada, collectively, that gives us extraordinary power.”

Sir Tony added: “But I think what the defence secretary is reflecting is this aggression from Russia and the violence that Russia is meting out is understandably causing all of us to look again at the speed at which we can respond, the depths that which we can respond, so what are the rates of expenditure that a war might entail?」

<p>Russian shelling continues to devastate Ukraine </p>

Russian shelling continues to devastate Ukraine

“How do you ensure that you win quickly?" 彼は続けた. “And that’s what we’re looking at again, and I’m pleased to say that it is our collective defence.

“It’s our preparedness and being ready, which is the best way to prevent war and demonstrating that we’re always ready. And the aggression, if it is meted out, it will be met in a very clear way.”

Sir Tony’s comments come just days after Mr Wallace admitted concerns that the UK and its allies would struggle in a long term offensive against Russia.

He said the forces in the UK, Europe and US were “hollowed out” and did not have sufficient supply lines.

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