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Working from home could hurt women’s careers, Bank of England policymaker says

Working from home could hurt women’s careers, Bank of England policymaker says
Catherine Mann says people will be split into the virtual and physical ‘tracks’

Women who are working from home could be hurting their careers now that a number of people are returning to the escritório, Bank of England (BoE) policymaker, Catherine Mann, has warned.

Speaking at an event for women in finance held by Financial News na quinta feira, Mann said: “Virtual platforms are way better than they were even five years ago. But the extemporaneous, spontaneitythose are hard to replicate in a virtual setting.”

Mann, who is a member of the BoE’s Monetary Policy Committee, added that spontaneous office conversations are key for recognition and advancement in many locais de trabalho.

She cited childcare and disruption from schooling caused by the pandemic as being some of the reasons why many women were continuing to work from home while men returned to the office. This divide, Mann said, would result in two “tracks”a virtual track and a physical track.

“There is the potential for two tracks," ela explicou. “There’s the people who are on the virtual track and people who are on a physical track. And I do worry that we will see those two tracks develop, and we will pretty much know who’s going to be on which track, unfortunately.”

Data released from the Escritório de Estatísticas Nacionais (NÓS) this month reported 60 per cent of workers are now working in the office, enquanto 13 per cent are working from home. A mais 17 per cent are using a hybrid model of the two.

Mann added that the downturn caused by the pandemic had hit women disproportionately and that the Covid-19 was “very much a ‘she-cession’” as it has resulted in more job losses among women than it has men.

A report from Burnout Britain dentro 2020 found that women are 43 per cent more likely to have increased their hours beyond a standard working week than men while working from home.

Previous data from ONS found that women were more likely than men to say that working from home gave them more time to complete work as there were fewer distractions.

Disse que, for men, working from home aided the creation of new ideas but for women, home working was seen to be a barrier for new ideas.