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Police declare ‘multi casualty incident’ amid spring break mayhem in Santa Barbara

Police declare ‘multi casualty incident’ amid spring break mayhem in Santa Barbara
The ‘Deltopia’ street party has been taking place since 2010

Authorities declared a “multi casualty incident” as thousands of students took part in a chaotic spring break party in Califórnia.

O Santa Barbara fire department said is had dealt with a string of medical emergencies at the beach party known as “Deltopia”, the first time it has been held in two years.

Emergency services were called out to the Isla Vista neighborhood near the University of California Santa Barbara throughout the weekend, including to a report of a woman falling from a roof.

“SBC Fire has declared an MCI (multi casualty incident) associated with multiple medical emergencies including multiple severe traumas,” Santa Barbara Fire Department Public Information Officer tweeted Saturday evening.

“These are associated with heavy crowds in Isla Vista for the unsanctioned beach party known as Deltopia. Many balconies are over crowded.”

Police made three arrests and handed out 20 citations on Friday alone, according to KEY-TV.

By Saturday evening firefighters had treated people with major injuries, that included broken bones.

There were also call outs for people who had possibly overdosed on drugs or alcohol, The San Luis Obispo Tribune relatado.

“It was real busy out there,” said Capt Daniel Bertucelli.

And he added that officials were concerned that with large crowds “many balconies are overcrowded.”

Raquel Zick, the Sheriff’s Office public information officer, said that there were so many call outs that “first responders became inundated” and a triage system had to be put in place.

The annual street party, which is not officially approved by authorities, began in 2010 and saw a riot take place in 2014, Com mais de 100 people arrested after clashes with police.