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New girl Abigail causes stir among Love Island fans as they hope she’ll split up Toby and Chloe

New girl Abigail causes stir among Love Island fans as they hope she’ll split up Toby and Chloe
27-year-old tattoo artist has already caused a rift between the couple

Tonight’s episode of Kjærlighetsøya (21 juli) introduced three bombshells – and one in particular has viewers riled up.

Following the exit of Danny and AJ, new contestants Georgia Townend, Tyler Cruickshank og Abigail Rawlings made a dramatic entrance.

The newcomers have wasted no time in getting to know their fellow islanders. Georgia has her sights set on Hugo, while Tyler has been chatting with Kaz – but it’s tattoo artist Abigail who has viewers most interested.

After revealing that she has her eye on Toby – who is currently paired with Chloe – many people have expressed their hopes that Abigail might stir up some drama between the couple, who got together after Toby dramatically ended his relationship with Kaz, causing upset among fans.

Since the episode aired, Chloe’s and Toby’s names have trended on Twitter with many viewers hoping that the pair will split up.

“Manifesting that Abigail splits up Toby and Chloe bc the drama that would cause,"Skrev en bruker.

En annen person lagt til: “I would LOVE it if Abigail sabotaged Chloe and Toby’s relationship.”

Referring to the way in which Chloe and Toby began their relationship, journalist Jason Okundaye wrote: “Why’s Chloe crying about Toby entertaining Abigail? How you get them is how you lose them.”

“I feel like Abigail deserves better than immature Toby but I also wanna see Chloe shook yeno,” said another user.

A fifth person added: “waiting for abigail to steal toby the way chloe stole him from kaz,” and another wrote: “me wanting abigail to break up toby and chloe so she knows how kaz felt.”

Both Chloe and Toby narrowly made it through tonight’s dramatic dumping after the couple were revealed to have been among the six islanders to receive the fewest public votes.

Danny and AJ were sent home as the sixth and seventh people to be dumped from the villa.

Kjærlighetsøya airs on ITV2 at 9.00pm every day other than Saturdays.