I’m a Celeb viewers divided after Naughty Boy clashes with Adam Woodyatt

I’m a Celeb viewers divided after Naughty Boy clashes with Adam Woodyatt
Woodyatt was not happy after the music producer decided to have a sleep in

私は有名人です…私をここから出してください! viewers were left divided after contestants いたずらな男の子 そして アダム・ウッドヤット clashed.

今夜のエピソード (8 12月) saw the music producer and the イーストエンダーズ star get into a tense argument over cleaning.

Naughty Boy decided to sleep in after getting a poor night’s sleep. しかしながら, this left Woodyatt to do the morning’s chores alone.

“I got up this morning. I think I was first one up. I’m on cleaning duty – I share with Naughty, except he was in bed,」俳優は言った. “I just cracked on and did everything except the privy.”

彼は続けた: “Seriously, Naughty’s going to wake up and there’s going to be nothing for him to do. He might as well stay in bed all day. ああ, he is.”

Viewers took to Twitter to share their views on who was right in the argument.

あるユーザーが書いた: “Appreciate Adam confront[NS] NB and not being a snake and saying stuff behind his back.”

別の追加: “I’m on Adam’s side with this,” while someone else said: “Why should Adam have to coax Naughty Boy into doing jobs?! それは冗談だ, he’s just lazy.”

“Naughty Boy aka lazy boy… ffs,」他の誰かが言った.

その他, しかしながら, saw the situation differently. 一人が書いた: “I do understand Adam’s frustrations. But if he’s that bothered about Naughty sleeping in then why doesn’t he just leave the jobs?」

別の人が書いた: “I sympathise with Naughty Boy on this one – sleep deprivation is no joke! Adam needs to relax a bit with wanting to get all the chores done as soon as he wakes up.”

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Later on in the episode, Woodyatt apologised to Naughty Boy for “cracking on and doing the chores in the morning”.

“I’m just a do-er,」俳優は言った. “You’re more of a sleeper.”

私はセレブです airs at 9.00pm on ITV.