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NuFACE Mini: The celeb favourite facial device with amazing results

 NuFACE Mini: The celeb favourite facial device with amazing results
The at-home skincare device gives you a mini facial without any pain

If you thought the only way to prevent or reduce signs of ageing was to spend hundreds of pounds on facial treatments at salons or clinics, think again. Skincare technology has advanced hugely in recent years, og NuFACE is a trailblazer in the field, creating award-winning microcurrent devices that deliver professional results at home.

So what is microcurrent technology? Chances are you’ve already had a microcurrent facial without realising, as it’s a popular treatment that’s used in many clinics. Essentially a workout for your face, NuFACE’s microcurrent technology encourages your muscles to contract and release, making them stronger, while also telling your cells to produce more collagen. This powerful combination results in a mini face-lift without any pain. Results from the brand’s small but mighty devices include a more defined jawline and cheekbones, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, firmer, plumper skin, eliminated jowls, lifted eyebrows and a wider, more open eye.

NuFACE Mini: £167, CurrentBody.com

<p>NuFACE mini</s>

NuFACE mini

De NuFACE Mini is the brand’s most affordable and popular product, allowing customers to access the advanced microcurrent technology at home and delivering incredible results. The tool is easy to add to your skincare regime; when used for just five minutes, five times a week, you can increase your facial firmness, prevent wrinkles and define the contours of the face.

Kjøp nå £167, CurrentBody.com

What is NuFACE?

Founded by LA-based aesthetician Carol Cole, NuFACE’s skincare tools boast the same microcurrent technology that she used to treat her celebrity clients in Hollywood. She realised that consistency was key when it came to achieving optimum results, so created a miniaturised device for her clients to use in between sessions at her clinic. The revolutionary skincare tools now have a star studded fan base, including the likes of Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr and Meryl Streep.

NuFACE reviews

With such advanced technology comes great results. And the proof is in the customer reviews. Teamet har til og med levert overraskelsesbursdagsfeiringer og juleønskelister for noen kunder, Liz, said of the device: “I think the NuFACE Mini is a wonderful product. It’s definitely firmed my jowl and chin area and the appearance of my skin has improved tooit’s brighter and smoother. The process is easy because I can use it in the comfort of my own home.

Kimberley, another customer, bought the NuFACE Mini after seeing her female relatives end up with jowls in later life and realising she needed to take action: “This device is simple to use. It takes commitment, men etter 8 eller 9 weeks of using the device, I can certainly see more definition in my jawline and the creeping sagginess seems to have been staved off completely. I’ll continue to use my NuFACE a few times a week now and feel those few minutes are certainly worth looking younger for longer.”

Kjøp nå £167, CurrentBody.com

NuFACE before and after

After just 60 dager, the results for this customer were revolutionary. In this before and after, you’ll see reduced jowls, a firmer, more defined jawline and lifted cheekbones.

<p>Before and after results using the NuFACE Mini device</s>

Before and after results using the NuFACE Mini device

How to use NuFACE

The beauty of NuFACE’s products is how easy they are to use but how prominent the results are after such a short period of time. Å bruke, simply use an oil-free cleanser to clean the skin before applying the NuFACE primer to your neck. Turn the device on and choose your desired intensity, then glide the tool onto the skin, starting at the front of the neck and moving to the back. Repeat this on your jawline, cheeks and forehead, hugging the contours of your jawline between the two microcurrent heads to sculpt and lift.

The key thing to remember is to always work upwards, against gravity, then you really can’t go wrong as it is incredibly straightforward to use. There are informative instructional videos online to follow, as well as detailed advice in your instruction manual on how to use it and how much priming gel to apply. Once you are familiar with the device, you can freestyle to focus on problem areas.

Does NuFACE work?

The million dollar question on everyone’s lips! The before and after images and customer testimonies boast impressive results from NuFACE devices. The brand’s own clinical trials also found that after using the NuFace Trinity for five minutes a day on 60 consecutive days, 85 per cent of people found that they had “improved facial contour”, 80 per cent of users found that their “skin felt smoother” and 77 per cent agreed that their “face looked more toned”.

You should keep in mind that consistency is key with the NuFACE devices, and in order to see long term results you must use them regularly, as advised. Just like a good gym routine, you have to stick at it to achieve your goals, but there’s no denying that NuFACE’s customer reviews speak for themselves, as does the brand’s celebrity fan base.

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