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Hvem er jeg er en kjendisstjerne Matty Lee og hva er han kjent for?

Hvem er jeg er en kjendisstjerne Matty Lee og hva er han kjent for?
How old is Matty Lee?

Matty Lee is one of the 10 stars appearing on Jeg er en kjendis… Get Me Out Of Here! 2021.

Født i 1998, the athlete competes on the 10-metre platform in both individual and synchronised diving. He’s been competing since 2012 in junior championships.

I 2015, Lee won his first adult gold medal at the European Games and once again at the European Diving Championships in 2017.

He began competing with Tom Daley in 2018, when the pair earned a bronze medal at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships.

Olympic glory came for the 23-year-old this summer in Tokyo 2020, when Lee and Daley earned gold medals in the 10-metres synchronised dive.

The year, derimot, is about to somehow get even better for Lee, who admitted: “My two childhood dreams were to win an Olympic medal and take part in my favourite TV series. And now I am doing both this year!”

Speaking about his decision to enter the castle, han sa: “I am really looking forward to the Trials and also, to be around different people will be fun too. I am used to just being around athletes.

Daley and Lee won gold at Tokyo 2020

“I think I will definitely freak out at rats and I know I will scream. Heights won’t be an issue though! I am obviously used to diving off 10-metre boards.”

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs at 9.00pm on ITV.