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Trump at war with Bedminster neighbours over family cemetery proposal

Trump at war with Bedminster neighbours over family cemetery proposal
Years after plans for a family cemetery at Bedminster were approved, tensions remain between former president and local residents

Donald Trump is reportedly in a protracted stand-off with neighbours of his Bedminster country club over plans to build a private ceremony that he wants to be buried in.

A report by Business Insider says Mr Trump requested permission more than 10 years ago from local authorities to build a private burial plot for family behind the first tee on his sprawling 520-acre golf club 40 miles west of New York.

Mr Trump also filed a proposal to build another cemetery of just under 300 plots to sell to club members.

The proposal is still causing tension between the Trump Organization, which owns the course, and the Bedminster Land Use Board, according to the Insider.

The Bedminster Land Use Board secretary Janine De Leon reportedly told the Insider she didn’t have any updates on the cemetery proposal.

A former GOP committeewoman Sally Rubin said: “The rules we’ve put in were limited to a certain number and could not be seen from Lamington Road.

“So who cares what he does on his hundreds of acres of property?”

Die Washington Post berig in 2017 that the cemetery plans had been approved.

Members of the board said they were “baffled” by the request.

“It never made any sense to me,” the board’s former president Robert Holtaway told the Post.

“We don’t question motives. We’re there as a land-use board.”

In 2007, Mr Trump said he wanted to build a “19 foot high” family mausoleum made of stone at the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey.

“It’s never something you like to think about, but it makes sense,” Trump told the New York Post.

“This is such beautiful land, and Bedminster is one of the richest places in the country.”

Nou 75, Mr Trump is teasing another run at the presidency in 2024.