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Hierdie nuwe aanlynklas met JVN leer u nuttige selfversorgingsvaardighede

Hierdie nuwe aanlynklas met JVN leer u nuttige selfversorgingsvaardighede
Queer Eye’s JVN has launched a new online class with Skillshare designed to bring the principles of self-care with the masses

If you’ve ever watched Queer Eye and wished that the Fab Five could help instil you with the type of happiness they inspire in their heroes each episode, you need Skillshare’s new class on your radar.

The online learning platform has teamed up with Jonathan Van Ness for a tutorial focused around the principles he passes on everyone he meets on the show: unleashing your creativity, growing your confidence, and making time in your schedule for regular self-care.

Van Ness is known not only for the Netflix hit but as an author, podcaster, celebrity hairstylist, comedian, activist and (as those who follow him on Instagram will know), dedicated cat parent, and gymnast and figure skater in training. But amid these myriad talents and commitments, he never underestimates the importance of taking time out to work on his relationship with himself.

The new Skillshare partnership sees Van Ness share the habits that have made him feel more centred and content, so you can incorporate them into your own life in a way that works for you.

The course, titled The Ultimate Self-Care Playbook: Discover & Nurture Your Centered Self, covers topics from yoga and meditation to journaling and crafts, all presented with JVN’s unrivalled levels of compassion and enthusiasm.

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Expect info on everything from the morning habits that kickstart his day (“literally not kidding coffee, but another is some form of meditation practice”) to lessons on making your own self-care journal and rediscovering new interests and hobbies.

There’s also beauty and skincare guidance aplenty – we are talking about everyone’s favourite TV grooming guru, after all – but Van Ness is keen to stress that his teachings on self-care extend well beyond just the stereotypical “spa moment”.

“For me self-care is really an entry point into my relationship with myself,” he explains in the introduction to the course.

“Throughout my life when my relationship with myself has been stronger and more connected, I see a calmer, clearer, more compassionate and courageous Jonathan, and I’m really excited to show you some of these techniques that I use to really help me get into that relationship.”

“We all show up in the world in different ways, and I think slowing down and giving yourself time to investigate who that beautiful you is, is just an amazing gift,”Voeg hy by.

“Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it’s actually the most important investment you can give yourself in moving forward with authenticity, integrity and joy in your life.”

Sign up here for a free trial, Skillshare

Whether you’re a total newcomer to the concept of self-care, or already well on your way but searching for new ideas on ways to reconnect with yourself, The Ultimate Self-Care Playbook will equip you with the tools and resources you need to incorporate a little bit of time for yourself into every single day.

And you have nothing to lose by signing up for the session right now, as Skillshare is currently offering a one-month free trial of its premium subscription. Simply head to its webwerf and enter your details for instant access to JVN’s wisdom, along with its entire library of more than 27,000 classes, all hosted by experts in their respective fields.

If Van Ness’s class has left you inspired to keep learning and advancing your knowledge in other areas, you can also keep your premium subscription running after your trial for the cost of just £5.99 per month. Na alles, there are no better investments than the ones you make in yourself.

The Ultimate Self-Care Playbook: Discover & Nurture Your Centered Self, hosted by Jonathan Van Ness, is available to stream at nou.