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Colourful candles are the maximalist trend taking over Instagram

Colourful candles are the maximalist trend taking over Instagram
Brighten up your home with rainbow-hued accents, says Katie Wright.

There’s been a noticeable shift in the world of interiors recently, with minimalism – the Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired decor schemes that favour muted colours, clean lines and understated furniture – on the wane, and a new ‘more is more’ aesthetic on the rise.

When it comes to candles, ubiquitous white wax, single-wick votives, usually scented and housed in clear glass holders, are no longer the height of sophistication. Em vez de, style-conscious shoppers are opting for interesting hues and unusual shapes.

“The colourful candle trend has seen a huge rise during the past few months due to the variety of colours and designs that now available, rather than the original white taper candles everyone first thinks of,” says Katie Thomas founder of KTM Design.

“From muted pastels to bright colours, straight to twisted, plain or patterned, there is something out there for everyone and every kind of occasion.”

Some of these colourful creations are scented. Contudo, most of the time, these candles – such as trendy twisted or ‘bubble’ shapes – are chosen for their visual appeal.

“The recent trend for unique silhouettes and interesting motifs in colourful designs means that more and more candles are doubling up as small objets d’art,” says LuxDeco senior creative buyer, Jessica Harding. “They’re perfect centrepieces for dining tables and charming accents for bookcases, coffee tables and mantelpieces.”

For maximum impact, neon or pastel candles in bust or torso shapes make great conversation pieces, and can be grouped with vases, flowers or other ornaments in muted tones or contrasting brights.

The eclectic look lends itself well to dining table settings too, Thomas says: “More people are prioritising spending quality time with their friends and family after lockdown, and decorating your table with candles for a casual lunch or an elegant evening meal not only makes the table look complete, but also adds relaxing smells into the space.”

She suggests: “When looking to create a statement within your home, adding a bright, striped, tapered candle can add a pop of fun, whilst still being sophisticated.”

alternativamente, dot a few around the table: “By adding more than one candle, it creates a focus point onto the table but also still adds simplicity to create a more relaxed feel.”

(Fairholme Studio/PA)

Fairholme Studio Bright Rainbow Taper Candles Set of Eight, £ 35, Liberty London


Letteroom Twist Shaped Hand Made Double Candle Pink, £29.95, Etsy

(Neos CandleStudio/PA)

Neos CandleStudio David Bust Candle Rose Pink, £48, Wolf & Badger


OutofLineHome Bubble 100% Soy/Vegan Decorative Pillar Candle Green, £ 8,99, Etsy


Ikea Fortga Scented Candle in Glass, £2.50 each

(Yankee Candle/PA)

Yankee Candle Bora Bora Shores Original Large Jar Candle, £ 24,99