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Providing the infrastructure for personalised communication

Providing the infrastructure for personalised communication

Business Reporter: Providing the infrastructure for personalised communication

mediarithmics is a Business Reporter client.

For retailers, the past decade has been a huge shift towards digitisation. The pandemic has furthered this trend, with four years of growth in e-commerce sales seen over the past 12 maande. This acceleration has presented a new challenge for retailers: being able to truly understand a customer’s needs based on the proliferation of consumer touchpoints and the associated data that underpins these.

The internal challenge for many retailers is that this customer data (including behavioural, transactional and campaign data) is stored in many different tools, such as data lakes, data warehouses, CRMs and many more. This has created silos where customer data is not linked, in turn making it difficult to build a true 360-degree customer view of their users. The knock-on effect of this challenge is the inability to deliver personalised communications to their customer base – thus negatively impacting revenue growth and brand equity.

mediarithmics, a data-first marketing cloud that provides a fully integrated, open and scalable infrastructure (CDP/DMP) to mature advertisers, retailers and publishers, is helping enterprise retailers overcome these issues.

The mediarithmics platform helps advertisers to easily collect customer data and orchestrate high performing, personalised, multi-channel campaigns. Publishers and data-owners can also boost their advertising revenue by leveraging the value of their data thanks to the mediarithmics infrastructure.

mediarithmics began its journey in France, working with some of the local leading retail players, and has become a market leader in the space. In 2019, mediarithmics launched internationally and began working with local leaders in new geographies including the UK and Canada.

mediarithmics is considered a leader among the CDP/DMP ecosystem, where it was recently listed in a round-up of tech companies to watch in 2021.

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