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Giant video panel falls onto stage during Hong Kong boyband Mirror concert

Giant video panel falls onto stage during Hong Kong boyband Mirror concert
Five people, including two dancers and three audience members, are injured in the accident

A giant video screen collapsed and fell onto a stage during a concert by Hongkong boyband Mirror on Thursday.

Authorities said that at least two dancers were hurt, one of them seriously, while local media reported that three audience members have also sustained injuries.

Videos on social media showed the screen falling on the two dancers during the concert.

In a statement Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said: “I am shocked.”

“I express sympathy to those who were injured and hope that they would recover soon.”

The incident occurred at 10.35pm local time on Thursday night, reported HKFP.

The two injured performers were sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment, polisie gesê.

One injured audience member has also been hospitalised. Egter, none of the 12 members of Mirror were hurt in the accident.

The concert, which was underway at Hong Kong’s Coliseum, next to Victoria Harbour, was halted after the accident.

Ahfa Wong, manager of Mirror, issued an apology on stage and announced that a “large-scale accident” had occurred and urged fans to leave the venue.

Concert organisers Music Nation and MakerVille also issued an apology and promised to probe the incident.

A joint statement from the concert organisers read that they are “deeply sorry” and added that they would announce ticket refund arrangements as soon as possible.

Hong Kong authorities ordered the band, which was putting on a run of 12 shows at the venue, to postpone its upcoming performances.

Culture Secretary Kevin Yeung said: “From initial observation, a wire fractured and led to the fall of the screen and caused the dancers to be injured.”

He added that shows at the venue were suspended until its stage structure was considered safe.

Safety issues were also flagged during rehearsals for Thursday’s concert.

Local media reports said that a dancer was injured during one of the rehearsals leading some other performers to highlight safety concerns on social media.

In a statement released a few hours after the accident, the Hong Kong Theatre Arts Practitioners Union described the incident as a “serious industrial accident.”

“We hope each and every sector will work together to prevent similar accidents from happening again. We hope each and every dancer can deliver their best performance under the most professional and reliable protection,” het dit gesê.