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Tucker Carlson condemned for comments on Afghan refugees

Tucker Carlson condemned for comments on Afghan refugees
Fox News anchor condemned for saying ‘millions’ of asylum applicants will ‘invade’ American neighbourhoods after the country’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan

Tucker Carlson has claimed that bringing Afghan réfugiés to the US would be an “invasion”, despite many being from hunted down by the Talibans for working with American and NATO forces.

le Fox News anchor told viewers of his show on Monday night that, “if history is any guide, and it’s always a guide, we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighbourhood.”

His remarks, which appeared planned to stoke fear amongst Fox News viewers, ajoutée: “And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So first we invade and then we’re invaded.”

Mr Carlson, who recently was called out for en disant Democrats wanted to “change the demographics of the country” through immigration — or “replacement theory”, as the far-right allegesand again faced condemnation for fear-mongering.

“Tucker Carlson is a piece of s****, wrote a Twitter user on Monday. “Afghan refugees risked their life’s everyday with US military and also their families by assisting or helping us in any form. The Taliban will kill them in time if allowed”.

“There is no Afghan refugee who could possibly do more damage to America in their entire life than Tucker Carlson does every night," un autre a écrit of the Fox News hosts claims.

“We are literally abandoning thousands of Afghan allies right now and the trust fund trio of Tucker Carlson/Charlie Kirk/Don Jr are all ‘actually we are being too NICE to Afghan refugees lets let them die and piss on their graves’, argued Tim Miller, a political analyst for MSNBC.

“We are definitely in the bad place.”

Mr Carlson’s remarks came as US president Joe Biden came under fire for overseeing a chaotic exit of American officials and citizens — as well as refugees — from Kabul on Sunday, as the Taliban retook the Afghan capital after two decades.

Analysts had expected the Taliban to take longer to regain territory, while Mr Biden told reporters five weeks ago that it would be “unlikely” that Kabul would fall to militants.

Mr Biden, who by withdrawing troops went ahead with an agreement brokered by the Trump administration and the Taliban, told Americans on Monday night that he stood by his decision to fully withdraw US forces from the country.

À propos de 300,000 Afghan civilians are believed to have helped the US in the past 20 années, but only a few are guaranteed asylum, and ever fewer were evacuated from the country along with US citizens, according to the International Rescue Committee.

Mr Biden said in his address to the nation that more refugees would be airlifted from Kabul in the “coming days”, although it is unclear how.