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Conor Benn vs Chris van Heerden LIVE – Latest fight updates

Conor Benn vs Chris van Heerden LIVE – Latest fight updates
Benn vs Van Heerden LIVE: Fight stream, latest updates and how to watch tonight

<p>Conor Benn celebrates his victory at the AO Arena in Manchester</p><p>Conor Benn celebrates his victory at the AO Arena in Manchester</p>

Conor Benn celebrates his victory at the AO Arena in Manchester

Conor Benn earned an emphatic victory over Chris van Heerden on Saturday night, stopping the South African in the second round to retain the WBA Continental welterweight title. Benn, son of British boxing icon Nigel, remained unbeaten at 21-0 with the win, the TKO result marking the 14th finish that the 25-year-old has secured.

Benn had played down the significance of Van Heerden’s experience and southpaw stance all week, and so it proved that the 34-year-old was unable to trouble his younger opponent in the pair’s Manchester main event. Although Van Heerden landed some well-timed shots as Benn ducked upon entries in the first round, the Briton was unfazed and pressed forward to connect with more powerful shots than his challenger could muster.

In the second round, Benn continued to back up the South African, throwing numerous feints but remaining out of range. In a split second, pourtant, Benn closed the distance with a jousting right hand, which marked the beginning of the end of Van Heerden. Benn followed the punch with a left uppercut, before a variety of right hands – a hook, uppercut and overhand – sent Van Heerden crashing to the canvas.

The former IBO champion did not come close to answering the count, and the bout was waved off inside the first minute of the second round.

Re-live round-by-round updates from Conor Benn vs Chris van Heerden and the undercard fights, au dessous de.


Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 7

Is Ugas in trouble here???

Spence connects with a series of left hooks and uppercuts to the head, and the Cuban just shells up and staggers backwards somewhat.

Ugas’ right eye is swollen and it looks like he’s slowly starting to wilt now. He tries to hold Spence, who shoves his opponent away.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 05:14

Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 6

Spence loses his mouthguard and thinks the referee is going to pause the fight to hand it back to him.

The official doesn’t, pourtant, and Ugas drills the American with a one-two! It sends Spence staggering back against the ropes!

Eventually the referee retrieves the mouthguard for Spence, who is briefly able to rest.

Spence seems fired up now and pushes forward as the round winds down, landing spiteful body hooks. The Texas crowd roars.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 05:10

Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 5

Spence is starting to assert himself now.

He’s throwing everything with power, il semble, connecting with numerous hooks to the body and head as Ugas shells up and barely returns fire.

The Cuban is still throwing with accuracy when he does punch, pourtant, and he opens up a little more as the round ends.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 05:06

Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 4

Both men exhibit effective guards in this round as they throw heavy punches.

Spence sneaks in a left uppercut and left hook to the head of Ugas, mais.

Now rapid head movement from Spence and good footwork to evade shots.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 05:02

Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 3

Again Spence jabs high and then throws to the body. Again he stings Ugas with a left straight upstairs,

Now he gets in close and digs hooks into the midriff of Ugas.

Ugas throws a heavy right hook up top, but he doesn’t quite catch Spence clean.

The American returns fire with more body hooks from close range.

Again Ugas tries for right hooks to the head, with one landing flush and another catching the gloves of Spence – still, it’s powerful and Spence has to brace.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 04:58

Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 2

Higher output from Spence in Round 1, but lower accuracy than Ugas.

Early in the second round and Spence ducks upon entry, before grabbing hold of Ugas.

They’re free, and Spence is jabbing high to set up straight power shots to the body.

The southpaw catches Ugas with a hard left straight to the head!

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 04:54

Spence Jr vs Ugas

Round 1

Lots of jabbing early on. Both men target the body throughout.

Spence tries to set up an overhand right, but Ugas rolls under it.

The same happens again, and this time Ugas counters with a fast left hook to the body!

Spence responds with a one-two of hooks to the body.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 04:50

Spence Jr vs Ugas

It’s finally time! The fighters make their way to the ring.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 04:45

Spence Jr vs Ugas

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the undercard to fiish.

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 04:09

Spence Jr vs Ugas

T-minus 15 minutes until we expect ring walks to take place for the main event between Spence Jr and Ugas

Alex Patt17 avril 2022 03:45