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Conservative radio host Dennis Prager has Covid and claims he got it on purpose

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager has Covid and claims he got it on purpose
Dennis Prager says he prefers ‘to have natural immunity than vaccine immunity’

Konservativ radio host Dennis Prager announced on his show on Monday that he tested positive for the koronavirus infection last week and claimed to have caught it on purpose to develop natural immunity.

“I’m broadcasting from my home because I’m not going into the station as I have Covid,” he said on The Dennis Prager Show. “I was tested positive last week and I have been steadily improving.”

He added that this was something he had “hoped for the entire time” as he preferred “to have natural immunity than vaccine immunity”.

"Så, I have engaged with strangers, constantly hugging them, taking photos with them knowing that I was making myself very susceptible to getting Covid," han sa.

Mr Prager added that “at no point” was he “in danger of hospitalisation” and attributed his recovery to taking medications such as hydroxychloroquine. I henhold til WHO, hydroxychloroquine has “no meaningful effect” in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

“I have done what a person should do if one is not going to get vaccinated,” said Mr Prager as he advocated against getting a Covid-19 jab.

His Covid test came days after he attended a campaign event for Republican candidate for governor of Colorado Heidi Ganahl.

Ms Ganahl’s campaign team said that they were not aware of Mr Prager’s plans to intentionally get the infection. “The campaign was not aware Dennis had contracted Covid until the announcement on his show,” they told 9Nyheter.

They added that they will reach out to all those who attended the event and advise them to get tested for Covid-19.

i mellomtiden, several internet users slammed Prager for his ignorance.

“The amount of misinformation packed into this one video is truly flabbergasting,” wrote a user.

“This is indeed as bizarre as it sounds. It’s clear to Americans that [Covid] is not a scandal, but that you’re a damn idiot who spreads the virus and ignorance,” wrote another user.