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Tory rebels consider releasing ‘blackmail’ recording – follow live

Tory rebels consider releasing ‘blackmail’ recording – follow live
Não 10 denies allegations first made by William Wragg MP


Boris Johnson says ‘no evidenceon ‘blackmail’ alegações

O Conservadores are gripped by infighting over Boris Johnson’s future, with rebel MPs said to possess a secret recording and texts that back up claims of “blackmail” made against allies of Boris Johnson.

The audio clip involves a “heated conversation” with the party’s chief whip, de acordo com Os tempos.

The development comes after William Wragg, a Tory MP who wants the prime minister to resign over the partygate scandal, alleged on Thursday that his colleagues had been subjected to intimidatory behaviour from those who back Mr Johnson

“Reports of which I am aware would seem to constitute blackmail,” Mr Wragg said.

The prime minister has denied the allegation, saying he had “seen no evidence, heard no evidence” to support it.

Enquanto isso, Christian Wakeford, the former Conservative MP who defected to Labour on Wednesday, said he was told he would lose funding for a school in his constituency if he voted against the government.


Assistir: Truss defends PM

Boris Johnson is “doing a fantastic job”, Liz Truss has told reporters in Australia.

Hear more about what she had to say:

Boris Johnson ‘doing a fantastic job’, says Liz Truss as she pledges full support
Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 12:12

Opinião: Tory MPs should replace Johnson with Sunak

The Conservatives should ditch Boris Johnson as their leader and replace him with Rishi Sunak, escreve John Rentoul.

Our political commentator points to the chancellor’s popularity. Contudo, he cautions that Mr Sunak might not be as well-liked after the tax rise in April.

“When Conservative MPs come to make the choice, they should not hesitate. Rishi Sunak is popular with MPs, with Tory party members and with the voters. They should get him into No 10 as soon as they can,” he writes.

Opinião: Tory MPs should ditch Johnson and put Sunak in No 10 as soon as they can

Conservative MPs may be about to face a momentous decision; John Rentoul analyses the question they have to ask themselves

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 11:57

Ask John Rentoul Anything: Is the game up for Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson’s reversal of fortune has been breathtakingly sudden.

Os tempos carried front-page headlines last year declaring that Johnson “eyed a decade in power”. But now his days as prime minister look numbered.

John Rentoul will be live from 1pm today to answer any questions you have on the prime minister’s predicament.

Get in touch with your questions here:

Is this the endgame for Boris Johnson? Submit your questions to John Rentoul

Submit your questions about the PM’s future and The Independent’s chief political commentator John Rentoul will try to answer them.

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 11:35

Assistir: Former Tory MP ‘can’t see’ Johnson staying as PM

Former Tory MP Rory Stewart has said that Boris Johnson’s time as prime minister is nearing its conclusion.

“I can’t see what future that he has," ele disse.

Watch the rest of his interview with Notícias da Sky aqui:

Former Tory MP Rory Stewart on Boris Johnson: “I can’t see what future that he has
Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 11:20

PM’s removal would be a chance to reconsider Brexit, says Heseltine

The end of Boris Johnson’s premiership could allow the British public to reconsider the effects of Brexit, the Conservative peer Lord Heseltine has said.

Falando para Times Radio, the former deputy prime minister said: “The Brexit agenda was a pack of liesWhat happens if Boris goes, does Brexit go – throw the whole thing up in the air?”

“Will the majority, agora, of people who believe Brexit was wrong have another chance to express their view?" ele adicionou.

My colleague Adam Forrest has more details:

Boris Johnson’s removal would be a chance to reconsider Brexit, says Heseltine

Anti-Brexit peer asks if people will get ‘another chance to express their view’

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 11:00

‘Very disturbing’ that Britain chose Johnson as PM, says former Tory minister

Former Conservative minister Rory Stewart has said he is “not at all surprised” by the mess Boris Johnson finds himself in over partygate.

“We should all have expected this. He’s been a very famous public figure for 30 anos," ele disse Notícias da Sky.

The ex-Tory leader candidate added: “The British public has spent 30 years focusing on the fact that he lies, that he’s disorganised, that he betrays almost every personal commitment that he has.

“He was manifestly unsuited to be prime minister from the beginning and it’s very, very disturbing that a great country like Britain should have chosen somebody so unsuitable for the role.”

Rory Stewart warns it’s ‘very disturbing’ that ‘liar’ Boris Johnson was ever elected

‘We should all have expected this….he lies, he’s disorganised, he betrays almost every personal commitment’

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 10:40

China and Russia seeking to ‘export dictatorship’ around globe, warns Truss

Foreign secretary Liz Truss has warned that Beijing and Moscow want to “export dictatorship as a service around the world”.

Speaking in Sydney, the British minister said the west must unite to thwart such aggression.

Ms Truss singled out the tensions in Ukraine, calling on president Putin to “step back from Ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake”.

“Ukraine is a proud country with a long history. They have known invading forces before… [and have] suffered through the state-sponsored famine. Their resilience runs deep. If they have to, Ukrainians will fight to defend their country," ela adicionou.

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 10:20

UK on course to ‘slip into lower league’ of nations, says Blair


Sir Tony Blair has warned that the UK could “slip gently into a lower league” of nations, blaming the decline on Boris Johnson’s lack of a coherent plan for the country.

“There is a gaping hole in the governing of Britain where new ideas should be,” he said on Thursday.

UK set to ‘slip gently into lower league’ of nations, warns Tony Blair

Britain heading for ‘1970s’-style decline, says former Labour PM in attack on government

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 10:00

Inside Politics

There was a big update in the partygate investigation yesterday.

The mandarin Sue Gray, whose report is due to be published next week, reportedly obtained an email from a senior civil servant telling the prime minister’s principle private secretary to cancel an event on 20 Maio 2020 as it would broke the Covid-19 rules.

This did not happen and the party is now infamous.

My colleague Matt Mathers takes a closer look at this story as party of his daily politics round-up:

Inside Politics: Big Dog’s future ignites Tory civil war

Não 10 facing blackmail claims as partygate probe obtains email showing aide was warned garden gathering was against rules, writes Matt Mathers

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 09:40

Tory MPs fighting each other ‘like ferrets in a sack’, says Mark Drakeford

Conservative MP are battling each other “like ferrets in a sack” over Boris Johnson’s future, the Welsh first minister has said.

Mark Drakeford said it is “very hard” to see how the prime minister can retain his position after the partygate scandal.

“Even if he were to survive, he will just limp on because he’s never going to escape the damage that this week has done to his reputation,” Mr Drakeford told Notícias da Sky.

He also expressed his concern that the UK government will be “frozen by the impact of what has happened to them”.

Rory Sullivan21 Janeiro 2022 09:20