Looking for an Xbox Series X? Where to find Microsoft’s console today

Looking for an Xbox Series X? Where to find Microsoft’s console today
All the latest news on Xbox series X console restocks at retailers across the UK, アルゴスを含む, アマゾン, 非常にそしてジョンルイス

<p>More Xbox restocks are expected later this week </p><p>More Xbox restocks are expected later this week </p>

More Xbox restocks are expected later this week

アップデート: The Xbox series X is available at Asda そして スミスのおもちゃ via Xbox All Access. 詳細については、以下をお読みください.

We’re well on our way into 2022 and the Xbox series X – launched over a year ago in November 2020 – is still difficult to buy in the UK whether you’re searching online or in-store. Supply problems and a worldwide chip shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic have caused the production of Microsoft’s games console to slow to a crawl.

But if you’re trying to track down an Xbox series X today, don’t fret, because the IndyBest team is here to help. December was a bumper month for restocks, with the likes of スミスのおもちゃ, 非常に, ゲーム, アルゴス, Asda そして アマゾン all restocking the Xbox in droves. Since then things have become quieter, but we’re expecting more Xbox stock to pop up soon.

That’s why we launched this liveblog to keep you up to date with the latest stock alerts as soon as they’re made public, and sometimes earlier than that. We’ll also bring you plenty of tips for making it to the checkout before everybody else. Stay with us for updates on Xbox series X availability as well as any other tips.


Which UK retailers stock the Xbox series X?


Why is Amazon sold out of the Xbox?

アマゾン is currently sold out of the Xbox series X in the UK, but in recent weeks the retail giant has restocked Microsoft’s new console in Germany, France and Spain.

You might want to consider some of the hidden costs of important the console from the continent. Since the whole Brexi もの, importing electronics above a certain value from the EU incurs a set of taxes, delivery charges and fees. Because of the additional paperwork required, many courier services have hiked up their prices too.

You can expect to pay at least £100 extra to buy an Xbox this way.

If you’ve given up on waiting, Amazon has the less powerful Xbox series S in stock as part of a bundle with Fortnite そして Rocket League (£248.99, Amazon.co.uk).

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Looking for discounts on tech? Grab these voucher codes first

As well as tracking the elusive Xbox series X, here at IndyBest we also report on deals and discounts at the UK’s biggest tech and electronics retailers, many of which have secret voucher codes that unlock cheaper prices and other bonuses.

You know how this works. You see the little discount box at checkout, you wonder if you’re missing out on a good deal, that creeping doubt follows you around for weeks until you finally break down in front of your partner, sobbing “I swear I could have got £25 off that fridge freezer, if only I’d taken the time to search for a working voucher code.”

We’re in the business of collating these discount codes to help shoppers get the best prices. So if you’re shopping at AO, 例えば, don’t go in there without first checking out our AO voucher codes.

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When did Argos last restock the Xbox series X?

<p>An Xbox series X box</p>

An Xbox series X box

アルゴス can sometimes trip up first-time Xbox series X hunters.

The retailer’s site allows you to add a console to your basket, before suckerpunching you with the awful truth: there are no collection or delivery options available, because it’s ruddy well sold out and always had been.

We’ve heard rumours of some in-store restocks happening at stores around the country, but Argos hasn’t had the Xbox on sale since just before Christmas.

When it appears back in stock. The best way to buy an Xbox series X from Argos is through the app. Add the console to your wish list, which lets you slip the Xbox into your basket in advance for a speedy checkout when the time comes.

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Currys could restock today

Paying £28.99 per month for Xbox All Access isn’t for everyone. We get it, that’s why we’re always scoping out more typical Xbox series X deals too.

If you’re waiting to buy a standalone console for £449, keep one eye locked on カリーズ 今朝.

By our professional estimates, the electronics retailer should restock the Xbox series X later this week. It’s been three weeks since Currys last had the Xbox in stock. The retailer rarely goes more than four without dropping consoles, though it usually bundles them with the Seagate 1TB expansion card (£198.63, Amazon.co.uk) or elite wireless controller (£149.99, Currys.co.uk).

We’ll alert you if Currys so much as blinks 今日.

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Demand for the less powerful and more petite Xbox series S is much smaller and so the console is easy to find in stock pretty much everywhere.

Thing is, the Xbox series S is still a next-generation console, a brilliant games machine capable of playing all the same games as the Xbox series X. The console is backwards compatible with older Xbox games and has slightly lower grade components, meaning some of the fancier graphics options dialled down. It doesn’t have a disc drive either, so you can only play downloaded games. The hard drive is also half as big, so you need to redownload games more often.

There’s now an official Xbox series S + Fortnite + Rocket League bundle on the shelves too, costing £249.99. You can find it at 非常に, ゲーム, アマゾン もっと.

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Hunting for a PS5 in the January sales?

You won’t find any discounts on the PlayStation 5 今月, we can promise you that. But if you’re searching for Sony’s newest console, you might want to pop over to our PS5 stock tracking liveblog for a quick nose around.

We’re tracking an incoming wavs of consoles from Very and Smyths looming on the retail horizon, and reporting on an ongoing restock at BT. It’s all go over there,

PS5英国株 – 住む: Today’s restock news from Game, BT, AOなど

英国中の小売店でのPS5コンソールの再入荷に関するすべての最新ニュース, アルゴスを含む, スミス, ゲームとジョンルイス

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Can you buy an Xbox on the high street?

これは technically possible to walk into a shop and pick up an Xbox series X, though it’s rare to find one out in the wild. There’s a drip feed of consoles that get sold online, and when they’re somewhere physical they’re usually pre-ordered only for click and collect.

If you’d like a nice big walk anyway, your best bet is to try your local branches of ゲーム そして スミスのおもちゃ, as these retailers sometimes have consoles on their shelves. But these in-store restocks are often very small and sell out quickly, usually within hours.

Game stores each have a Twitter account, which they use to promote the arrival of Xbox stock. This Twitter list is a great way to keep an eye on all Game store Twitter accounts. その間, the Smyths website has a tool for checking on console stock levels at all of its UK stores.

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Smyths Toys has Xbox All Access too

Want to spread the cost of your Xbox over two years? Well here’s some good news.

スミスのおもちゃ still has availability of Xbox All Access, the pay as you go alternative to shelling out full price for the Xbox series X. You pay £28.99 per month and get Game Pass Ultimate thrown in, which usually costs £10.99.

This is precisely the same deal being offered by Asda below. So take your pick.

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Where is the Xbox series X in stock?

Straight to the point. Love that.

The Xbox series X is available at Asda through the Xbox All Access programme this morning.

The pay monthly scheme lets you spread the cost of the console over two years. There’s no up front payment, instead you pay £28.99 per month and you get two years of Game Pass Ultimate (worth £10.99 per month) 含まれています. Game Pass is a Netflix-style games-on-demand service giving you access to a library of over 100 ゲーム.

It’s good value, especially considering how expensive new games are, so we can heartily recommend grabbing a console this way.

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Xboxストックトラッカー, activate

おはようございます, Xboxハンター!

Welcome to Thursday’s Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog, where we’ll be tracking the availability of Microsoft’s newest console to bring you live alerts as soon as the Xbox is back in stock.

Stick with us to be the first to know when the elusive console pops up.

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