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Costume designer Patricia Field shares favourite outfit from Emily in Paris season 2

Costume designer Patricia Field shares favourite outfit from Emily in Paris season 2
The show has returned to Netflix just in time for the Christmas break

Emily in Paris is back — and the fashion is once again a major focal point of the show.

The second season of Netflix’s hit series starring Lily Collins dropped on 22 Desember, and the series’ costume consultant, Patricia Field, has revealed her favourite fashion moment.

Field, who is famous for her work on Seks en die stad, describes a scene in the south of Frankryk as her sartorial moment of choice from the second season.

“She [Emily, played by Lily Collins] takes the railroad from Paris to the French Riviera, and gets off the train and she’s wearing this silk coat — really pretty, with a light print on it — and the white fingerless gloves. I was really happy with it,” Field told Page Six Style .

The fingerless gloves Field is referring to are part of her new collaboration with fashion brand, Seymoure, en the white “Emily” gloves retail for $298 (£224).

“I love gloves, and gloves need to be resurrected from the vintage shop,” Field added. "Ek was soos, ‘I’m going to bring back the glove to the modern-day girl who rides a bike, who drives a car.’”

Patricia Field’s favourite look from the season include white fingerless gloves

Fans of the show’s style will be able to dress like the characters soon too, as Emily in Parys has announced it’s first official fashion collaboration with My Beachy Side.

The US label said on their site: “Our new collection evokes that timeless French chic, effortless but endlessly a la mode, with our signature, sustainable Beachy flair. Let our styles take you from the runway to the resort, from the tarmac to St. Tropez, to the beach and beyond.”

The new season of Emily in Parys has multiple filming locations across France, including St. Tropez and Versailles.

The My Beachy Side collaboration is filled with beach-ready wear, including a fringed maxi dress for $389 (£293), a sailor-style romper for $435 (£327) en a crocheted swimsuit for $215 (£162).