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Jo Davidson’s cottage is in Vale of Glamorgan, claims holiday company #LineofDuty

Jo Davidson’s cottage is in Vale of Glamorgan, claims holiday company #LineofDuty
The former copper’s Witness Protection digs were a source of envy for social media users

De Pliktlinje finale sparked debate across the internet for many reasons, but one unexpected element caught the attention of social media users: Jo Davidson’s new home under the Witness Protection scheme.

And one holiday company boldly claims to know the secret location of her new digs.

The last episode of series six of the BBC One police drama received a record number of viewers when it aired on Sunday night, finishing with a round-up of where the major characters had ended up.

Formerly “bent copper” Jo Davidson, who informed on the OCG in exchange for immunity, was seen emerging from an idyllic cottage somewhere rural, along with her dog and a new – presumably romantic – partner as part of her new life under Witness Protection.

Jo Davidson entered ‘Lesbian Narnia’ according to some viewers

Her countryside pad induced envy in some viewers, while others were pleased she got a happy ending.

“The only bit I genuinely loved was that Jo Davidson got to live her lesbian cottagecore dreams,” tweeted Mic Wright.

“Jo Davidson really selling the witness protection life,” commented Stephen Murphy, alongside a still of her standing in front of her rural retreat.

“Gill Biggeloe’s new life in Witness Protection was an old settee in front of a bedsit, whereas Jo Davidson got sent to Lesbian Narnia,” wrote another user.

The interest in Davidson’s new home wasn’t confined to social media either.

Google Trends showed a spike in searches for “Line of Duty cottage” immediately after the episode, which carried on through the Bank Holiday weekend.

Although the whereabouts of the cottage remained strictly under wraps, sleuths at holiday cottage site LastMinute-Cottages.co.uk believe they’ve identified its location as the Vale of Glamorgan in south Wales.

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of Last Minute Cottages said: “Our CHIS really came through to help us discover Jo’s location, and while we’re confident in our investigation findings, we will only say that we believe that the cottage is in the Vale of Glamorgan.

“The region is home to many incredible holiday cottages still available for this summer, many of which are, like Jo and her partner’s house, dog-friendly.”