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Why bamboo bedding is better for you and the planet compared to regular cotton sheets

Why bamboo bedding is better for you and the planet compared to regular cotton sheets
Once you try Panda London’s super soft sheets, you won’t go back

We spend approximately one third of our lifetime sleeping. That’s a huge portion of our lives spent between the covers. So it’s essential we take all elements of our sleep health seriously – and that’s not just getting a solid eight hours kip, or having the right supportive type of pillow and mattress, religiously using your lavender sleep spray, or having silky soft pjs.

Our bed sheets are so important too. They need to not only be comfortable and soft, but to be breathable and hygienic as well.

So what’s the miracle material that ticks all of those boxes? Enter Panda London’s bamboo bedding. No longer confined to only being suitable for super soft socks for your tootsies, it is also excellent for bedsheets, trop.

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Bamboo grows quickly and uses less water

Mais, why is it better than cotton? There’s a whole list of reasons, but first of all, it’s a far more sustainable material to use. Not only does it grow incredibly quickly – it’s actually the world’s fastest growing plant – it can grow up to a whopping 3ft in just one day. While doing so, it also impressively absorbs greenhouse gases, and in return releases an estimated 30 per cent more oxygen into the atmosphere than hardwood trees do. It’s safe to say it’s a seriously hard working plant.

En revanche, cotton uses huge amounts of water in order to be produced, while growing bamboo uses around a third less water too which amounts to vast quantities.

It’s a super soft material

Bamboo is incredibly soft, and it is actually twice as soft as cotton, and with Panda London’s 320 thread-count (which is equivalent to a 1,200 cotton-thread count) it even compares to Egyptian cotton, but doesn’t have the same price tag. If you’re worried about losing its softness through washing though, bamboo materials actually become softer after each machine wash.

Buy Now (From £17.95), Panda London

Good for allergy sufferers

Did you know it’s also hypoallergenic too? It is a naturally antibacterial material so micro-organisms and parasites such as dust mites and bed bugs can’t live in there. Plus, if you, or anyone in your family, suffers with eczema or allergies, this is a great alternative that won’t irritate skin.

Temperature control

And much like linen, bamboo helps regulate your temperature, so in summer it can keep you cool, while in winter it won’t let your own body heat escape, keeping you snug. It’s also great choice if you don’t want to have seasonal bedding, or just don’t have storage space for lots of bedding.

Buy Now (From £17.95), Panda London

What’s in the set?

Coming in cute little reusable drawstring bags, les complete bedding sets contain a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and pillowcases, or you can buy each item separately too, so you can even mix and match colours if you’d prefer. Available in five colours, all neutral soothing tones, including urban grey, navy, blanc, pink and quiet grey. There’s an easy size chart on the website too if you’re unsure on whether you’re working in UK or EU sizes, and the sets range from single right up to emperor in both UK and EU sizing.

Aside from all of the above, there’s plenty more that makes Panda London so good, as it really goes above and beyond when it comes to eco-credentials. It uses natural dyes, which are all Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified. As bamboo bedding is best dried on the line, it cuts out unnecessary energy used in tumble drying, and these sheets only need to be washed at a low temperature too, plus there’s no need to fabric softener either as the sheets just get softer with time.

Deuxièmement, the set is 100 per cent plastic free, and this even includes the buttons ,which are hand crafted from raw bamboo, bien sûr. Panda London is also vegan friendly, where no animals are involved in the growing, harvesting or producing of the bamboo and it protects animals and their natural habitats by sourcing bamboo from FSC approved forests. Learn more about Panda London’s eco-credentials in its Environmental Policy.

Lastly, if you really need any more convincing, you can trial them for 30 nights for free, so you can sleep soundly.

Pour plus d'informations, visit mypandalife.com/product/bamboo-bedding