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Nicole Kidman says she often cries although tries ‘to keep a lid on that’

Nicole Kidman says she often cries although tries ‘to keep a lid on that’
‘There’s a huge melancholia, direito?’ said the Oscar winner

Nicole Kidman has said she cries a lot but that she “tries to keep a lid on that”.

The actor opened up about feeling “melancholy” in a new interview with O guardião.

Asked whether she cries often, the 54-year-old replied: “Yes.”

When questioned about the last thing that made her cry, Kidman responded: “That’s too personal. Mas sim, I cry. I try to keep a lid on that, but everything is deeply sad.”

O Big Little Lies star continued: “There’s a huge melancholia, direito? Quero dizer, when you really study melancholy people, we’re very present. I have an enormous amount of that. I think a lot of people walk around with it too, don’t you?”

Em outra parte da entrevista, Kidman recalled being told she is a “character actress” by Stanley Kubrick.

The actor spoke about the definition of a “movie star”.

Ela disse: “That term confuses me. Can you define it? It’s too cerebral for me. I can only go to what Stanley Kubrick would say to me, que foi, ‘Nicole, you’re a character actress.’

“Usually I’m resistant to labels. There’s a new generation now, dizendo, 'Não, you don’t get to define me just this way.’ I’m hugely supportive of this. And you can also change. I love that.”

A character actor is someone who specialises in playing supporting roles who are commonly eccentric people.