“I paid $300 to look like a Karen’ Tiktoker cries in viral video

“I paid $300 to look like a Karen’ Tiktoker cries in viral video
‘I look like I collect coupons’ wails a social media user after a bad haircut

A TikToker’s humorous video post-hair cut, in which she sobs about her bad new look, has gone viral.

“I paid $300 to look like a Karen”, the social media user who goes by the name of @icarlyreboot sobbed in her car after visiting the salon.

Previous posts from icarly show her sporting a jet-black rockabilly look, which has been recently transformed into a strawberry blonde bob.

She roasts herself on camera, comparing herself to a “Karen” – in other words, a bitter middle-class white woman with an asymmetric haircut, who complains and makes the lives of working-class staff a misery.

“I look like I’m on the PTA,” says the TikToker in her video, which has clocked up more than 5 million views. “I swear I don’t drive a f**king minivan.”

Trying to make light of the situation, she continues: “I look like I have three sons who play f**king Tee-ball” and “I look like I collect coupons,” she wails.

“Let’s practice, let’s practice” she jokes on-screen. “Let me speak to your manager, I’d like to speak with your manager … why does God f***ing hate me,” she screams while crying and laughing at the same time.

TikTok users have offered equally as humorous responses. “Bestie if you don’t go back to the salon and get a refund I swear. Use your Karen hair as it was intended,” one joked.

“The way you are crying ur eyes out and roasting yourself which makes you cry harder is SENDING ME INTO ORBIT,” wrote another.

icarly isn’t the first TikTok hair disaster. Tessica Brown famously went viral with more than 7 million views at the beginning of 2021 when she applied Gorilla Glue clear adhesive spray to her hair and then couldn’t get it to move. She was stuck with the same ponytail style for a month “I’ve washed my hair 15 times and it don’t move,” she said.

After posting about her trauma on TikTok, Brown sympathy from internet users and people raised more than $21,000 for surgery to repair her hair. Making the most of her internet fame, she launched her own hair line in June.