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Russian tank filmed crushing civilian car with driver inside on Kyiv street

Russian tank filmed crushing civilian car with driver inside on Kyiv street
Elderly man reportedly pulled alive from wreckage

A Russia tank has been filmed crushing a civilian car in a northern district of Kyiv, as Vladimir Putin’s troops continue their advance against the Ukrainian capital.

In a video shared with and verified by Den uavhengige, the armoured vehicle can be seen cutting across the road before driving over the oncoming car.

A second video shows a group of men attending to the wreckage on Obolonsky Avenue, in which an elderly man can be seen moving behind the wheel of the car. A local resident who shared the footage with Den uavhengige sa: “Russian ‘liberators’ on the streets of Kyiv crush the cars of civilians.”

The BBC has reported that the driver was pulled alive from the wreckage.

Russian forces are moving through the northern outskirts of Ukraina‘s capital, and US officials have warned that president Vladimir Putin may be intent on installing a new, more friendly government in Kyiv.

Local residents in the city have been urged to fight back with Molotov cocktails against the encroaching troops, with instructions of how to make the petrol bombs circulated on the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s social media.

Noen 18,000 machine guns have also been handed out to “all those who want to defend our capital with weapons in their arms,” according to government adviser Vadym Denysenko.

Among the signs that the Ukrainian capital was increasingly threatened, the military said that a group of Russian spies and saboteurs was seen in a district of Kyiv about three miles north of the city centre. Air strikes were later reported to have struck the city.

Elsewhere in the capital, soldiers have established defensive positions at bridges, and armoured vehicles rolled down the streets, while many residents stood uneasily in doorways of their apartment buildings.

Sirens have sounded out across Kyiv since the early hours of Friday, with residents forced to take shelter in underground metro stations following a series of Russian overnight aerial attacks that hit the densely populated Pozniake neighbourhood, in which at least eight people were reportedly injured.

Tetyana Filevska, a resident of the city and deputy director of the Ukrainian Institute, fortalte Den uavhengige: “We urgently need all the help to our army, people and country. We need guns and equipment, medicines, economic aidbut most of all we need solidarity in fighting Russland.

“We are keeping Europe safe, you all have to understand this. Putin won’t stop on Ukraine. He will go further.”

Alongside Kyiv, multiple other Ukrainian cities are under attack by Russian forces. The Kremlin’s defence ministry says its troops have surrounded the city of Chernihiv, which is about 150 km north of the capital. Explosions and gunfire have also been reported in Kharkiv, close to the eastern border, and the southern port of Mariupol.