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Xbox series X is back in stock on Amazon, Currys and Game – suivre en direct

Xbox series X is back in stock on Amazon, Currys and Game - suivre en direct
Où est la Xbox Series X en stock au Royaume-Uni aujourd'hui? Follow live for the latest Xbox series X restock updates from AO, Argos, Smyths and Game

<p>There’s still a chance to find an Xbox in stock for Christmas </p><p>There’s still a chance to find an Xbox in stock for Christmas </p>

There’s still a chance to find an Xbox in stock for Christmas

Mettre à jour: La Xbox Series X est en stock chez Amazone, Jeu et Currys. Read on for more details.

We’re just days away from Christmas and the Xbox series X is still almost impossible to find in stock online. Supply chain issues coupled with a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of electronics to a crawl, but Microsoft’s next-gen console can still be found if you look hard enough.

The less powerful Xbox series S is in stock at most UK stores, but the more advanced Xbox series X is in higher demand. New stock appears without warning and sells out in seconds.

That’s why we launched this Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog. Notre blog sera mis à jour avec les dernières baisses de stock dès qu'elles se produiront, ainsi que toutes les nouvelles sur les dates de réapprovisionnement prévues et les événements marquants. Si vous voulez savoir où acheter une Xbox Series X aujourd'hui, nous avons ce qu'il vous faut.

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Check Xbox series X stock at UK retailers below:


Hunting for a PS5 this Christmas?

If you’re also searching for a PS5 this Christmas, you might want to pop over to our Blog en direct sur le suivi des actions PS5.

We’re reporting on last minute restocks at Game and Amazon, and predicting a few more drops before the big day arrives.

PS5 is back in stock at Game after selling out at Amazon – suivre en direct

Toutes les dernières nouvelles sur le réapprovisionnement de la console PS5 chez les détaillants à travers le Royaume-Uni, dont Argos, Forgerons, Jeu et John Lewis

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 11:45

There are five places you can buy an Xbox right now

This is the most Xbox stock we’ve seen since the console launched in November 2020, so let’s recap where the console is in stock right now.

  • Amazone – standalone console plus game bundles
  • Jeu– standalone console plus bundles, and Xbox All Access
  • Currys– two bundles
  • Jouets Smyths – standalone console for click and collect, and Xbox All Access
  • Asda– Xbox All Access

With the exception of Asda, all of these retailers are offering next day delivery, which could potentially save your Christmas.

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 11:09

The Xbox series X is in stock at Smyths Toys

Acheter maintenant (449 £, Smyths.co.uk)

There are consoles available to click and collect from stores up and down the country. Worried that next day delivery won’t be fast enough? Then pop into your nearest branch and grab hold of one yourself.

A full list of stores with available stock can be found on the Forgerons site Internet.

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 10:22

The Xbox series X is in stock at Amazon

Acheter maintenant (449 £, Amazon.fr)

Amazon is selling the Xbox series X by itself, or as part of a bundle containing either Arrière 4 Du sang (£474.9, Amazon.fr) ou alors En être loin 6 (£487.89, Amazon.fr).

So many Xboxes! It’s a Christmas miracle.

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 09:36

The Xbox series X is in stock at Game

Acheter maintenant (449 £, Game.co.uk)

Game is selling the Xbox series X by itself or as part of a bundle, with next day delivery still an option. There are loads to choose from, and they’re all selling out at different rates, so we’ll link you to the search results page.

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 09:08

The Xbox series X is in stock at Currys

Acheter maintenant (£589, Currys.fr)

Currys is selling the Xbox series X bundled with the premium elite controller for £589.

They can’t be purchased separately. The console alone costs £449, while the fancy high-end controller costs a whopping £150.

You can also purchase the Xbox series X as part of a bundle containing the Seagate 1TB expansion hard drive for £659. We’ve seen the expansion drive sell for around £190 in the past, so this is close to what you’d pay if you were to buy both products separately.

Acheter maintenant (£659, Currys.fr)

We reckon the bundle with the extra hard drive is the best value option here, if you can afford it. Expanding the Xbox’s capacity gives you more room for downloads, and games are taking up more and more space.

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 08:41

Follow along for live Xbox stock alerts

Bonjour, and welcome to Thursday’s Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog.

If you’re joining us this morning, we’re going to hazard a guess you’re in a precarious situation. Just one whole shopping day left until Christmas? And there’s an Xbox series X shaped hole under the tree? And this is the first you’ve heard of console shortages?

Shhh, ne t'inquiète pas. We’ve got you. We’re going to find you a console in stock today.

We’re tracking every retailer continuously for new stock, so you don’t have to. Stick with us, and we’ll alert you the moment the Xbox appears in stock anywhere.

Ready? Let’s go.

Steve Hogarty23 décembre 2021 08:33

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