Cynthia Nixon hits back at ‘bizarre’ criticism of Miranda in And Just Like That

Cynthia Nixon hits back at ‘bizarre’ criticism of Miranda in And Just Like That
Actor roundly dismissed the claim that her Sex and the City character should have been more ‘level-headed’

Cynthia Nixon has dismissed some fans’ criticism of her character’s arc in the Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That as “bizarre”.

The actor and former New York gubernatorial candidate reprised the role of Miranda Hobbes on the recent HBO Max series, alongside co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis.

The sequel series prompted somewhat mixed reviews from fans, with some criticising the direction that Nixon’s character takes, arguing that she should have been more “level-headed” in line with the original.

“I think that’s a bizarre reaction,” Nixon said in an interview with Vogue. “First of all, I think Miranda is brave, and I think Miranda is charging forward. She doesn’t know where she’s going exactly, but she knows she has to go somewhere. And I think that’s always been true of Miranda, right?

“Miranda’s very smart, and she’s very tenacious, but the idea that she’s level-headed – she’s never been level-headed! She’s a loose cannon, a very opinionated loose cannon.”

Among the plot developments that viewers objected to was Miranda’s decision to break up with Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), after falling for Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez).

<p>Che Diaz</p>

Che Diaz

“She’s always been a bull in a china shop and losing her temper and blowing things up then having to backtrack when she calms down,” added Nixon.

In the UK, And Just Like That… can be watched on Sky or NOW.