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Dancing cactus toy that raps about cocaine goes viral

Dancing cactus toy that raps about cocaine goes viral
The toy can sing 120 songs in English, Polish and Spanish

A dancing cactus toy that raps about cocaine dans polonais is going viral on des médias sociaux.

The electronic toy, which retails for around $30 (£22), can sing 120 songs in Anglais, Espanol and Polish while dancing to a beat.

Dans le nous, Walmart has pulled the toy from its stores after a customer, Ania Tanner, complained that one of the Polish songs it sings contains lyrics about doing cocaine, abus de drogue, suicide and depression.

“This is not what I ordered for my granddaughter,” Tanner, who is Polish, Raconté CTV News.

“When I started to listen to the songs and I heard the words, I was in shock. Je pensais, ‘what is this, some kind of joke?'"

The song, called “Gdzie Jest Biały Węgorz? (Zejście)", is by polish rapper Cypis. According to a translation of the lyrics, lines include the words: “I only have one thing on my mind, five grams of coke [cocaine]."

A representative for the rapper told Le gardien he had “no idea” the song is being used in a children’s toy and that he is “disgusted”.

The cactus can also mimic sounds made by its owners and perform a dance to the beat of what it hears.

On TikTok, musician Ryan Svendsen has made several videos performing with a group of the toys, which he calls his “cactus choir”.

In one viral video, he plays “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow on the trumpet. Straight after, the cactus choir start dancing and echo the tune.

The video has been watched 64.3 million times and received more than 87,000 commentaires.

One user asked whether Svendsen was aware the toys had been recalled by Walmart because of the Polish song.

“Some of our choir members like to express themselves through song. While we do not condone drug use, we value freedom of speech,” he replied.

“You just got kicked out of your own choir dude,” one person said of the cacti’s performance. Another joked: “This is a horror film.”