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Andy Cohen thanks surrogate as he shares meaning behind newborn daughter’s name

Andy Cohen thanks surrogate as he shares meaning behind newborn daughter’s name
Cohen also welcomed his son Benjamin via surrogate

Andy Cohen has expressed his gratitude for the surrogate who carried and gave birth to his newborn daughter Lucy.

O Watch What Happens Live hospedeiro, 53, expanded his family with the birth of his daughter on 29 abril.

Na segunda-feira, a Bravo host returned to his late-night show for the first time since welcoming his daughter, during which he took the opportunity to thank his “incredible surrogate” for her help.

“I didn’t do this on my own, I have to once again thank my incredible surrogate. What a partner and friend she has been to me,” Cohen said, before revealing that his surrogate was in the front row of the last show taped before Lucy’s birth. The host then joked that he briefly thought “we were going to have a e a real clubhouse baby, right here”.

Cohen then reiterated his gratitude for his surrogate, as well as the surrogacy laws in New York state.

“I am so grateful for her, and grateful that she could deliver and carry Lucy in New York state where surrogacy is now legal, with a law giving surrogates all the rights and protections they so strongly deserve,” Cohen said.

The Child-Parent Security Act (CPSA) passed in April 2020 and made gestational surrogacy, which refers to a surrogate who is not biologically related to the child they are carrying, legal in New York as of 15 fevereiro 2021.

This is not the first time Cohen has praised his surrogate, as he also thanked her while sharing the news of Lucy’s arrival.

“HERE’S LUCY!!!!! Meet my daughter, Lucy Eve Cohen! She’s eight pounds 13 oz and was born at 5.13 pm in New York City!!!” Cohen captioned a photo of himself holding his daughter. “Her big brother can’t wait to meet her! Thank you to my rock star surrogate (ALL surrogates are rockstars, a propósito) and everyone who helped make this miracle happen. I’m so happy.”

During his return to hosting, Cohen also revealed the meaning behind his daughter’s name, with the father-of-two explaining that Louis is a “big name” in his family, as two of his great-grandfathers and his father were all named Louis.

“So that’s where I got Lucy. I’ve always loved the name Lucy by the way," Ele continuou.

As for his daughter’s middle name, Cohen revealed that he took the name Eve from his mother, who is named Evelyn.

Elsewhere during the episode, Cohen also shared his gratitude for all of the support he has received since welcoming the newest addition to his family.

Cohen shared his appreciation for the support while reflecting on the first night he spent with Lucy, with the talk-show host revealing that he was “so moved by all of your love and support”.

“I see all your messages. I want you to know that your virtual cheerleading of my starting a family on my own has lifted me up when I most needed it,” Cohen said, before later sharing a home video showing him singing a lullaby to his newborn daughter.

In addition to Lucy, Cohen is also father to three-year-old son Benjamin, who he welcomed via surrogate in 2019.