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International Cat Day: 9 things you only know if you’re definitely a cat person

International Cat Day: 9 things you only know if you’re definitely a cat person
Every feline fan will know what we’re talking about…

Gatos or dogs? Whether you’re a pet owner or not, that question is rarely met with indifference, but would you say your animal adoration goes so far as to label you a ‘cat person’?

To mark International Cat Day (agosto 8), these are some things you’ll only know if you’re obsessed with felines…

1. Cat cuddles are the best

(Alamy / PA)

Having a furry feline curled up on your lap, purring away, is the most relaxing feeling ever.

2. You can’t try too hard with a cat

Getting to the stage where a kitty will voluntarily curl up on your lap can take a while, especially when you’re dealing with a particularly standoffish pet.

3. They can teach you about humans

Cats are experts at setting boundaries and letting you know when they are não in the mood to be petted. If only it was so easy to fend off annoying humans…

4. They’re very misunderstood

Many people think cats are aloof and unaffectionate but you know that, given time, you can bond with even the coolest kitty.

5. You don’t get why people are obsessed with dogs

Man’s best friend? Err, no thanks. You prefer your sleek, laidback BFF (best feline friend) to the overexcited, messy, smelly mayhem of a dog.

6. You follow a lot of famous cats on social media

A partir de Lil Bub and Pudge to Grumpy Cat (gone but not forgotten), you follow all the most famous felines online and your Instagram feed is dominated by #catsagram content.

7. You get tons of cat-themed presents

Your friends and family are well aware of your obsession and they take every opportunity to gift you with kitty-themed paraphernalia.

8. You’re constantly on the lookout for cute cats…

…so you can stop and stroke them. You know all your local felines and you get very excited when you go on holiday somewhere lots of cats live (even though you know you probably shouldn’t be petting the strays).

9. You think all cats are beautiful in their own way

sim, even one-eared, scrawny strays and hairless sphynxes like Mrs Whiskerson from Friends.