Why modern CRM can be the key to delighting your customers and scaling your business

Why modern CRM can be the key to delighting your customers and scaling your business

The business world is undergoing the most dramatic transformation we have seen in decades, hastening the pivot to digital exponentially and leaving some businesses unprepared. 同時に, the customer experience (CX) bar has been raised and buyers increasingly expect businesses to be easy to buy from, engage with and get service from.

The question customers have is: if a business I was interacting with provided a great digital experience during the lockdown, why wouldn’t they be able to maintain it in a post-pandemic world? 彼らのために, being delighted isn’t an added value to their experience as your customer; it’s the inner foundation your relationship is built on.

The focus on the digital experience has led the most disrupting companies to see unparalleled growth; しかしながら, there are potentially devastating risks for those companies that are not willing to reconsider their digital experiences.

The survival mindset of 2020 led to processes and operations not suitable for scale. As CX has grown more complex, most companies have brought in a patchwork of disparate technologies from different sources, each with a completely different underlying tech stack: a CRM to manage customer data, a customer management system (CMS) to build a website and marketing automation to scale the efforts. When two completely different systems are cobbled together, the burden of making them work as one is foisted onto the customer. This route is holding companies back, slowing them down and depriving them of having a complete customer view.

To scale without adding complexity, businesses need better data that gives insights into each customer’s experience and leads to actionable insights for a seamless and contextual experience across all touchpoints. But how do you accomplish this? You may think of CRM, but probably not as you know it today.

による HubSpot, the leading CRM platform for scaling businesses, today’s businesses need a powerful and easy-to-use CRM platform that enables customer-facing teams to have access to a “single point of customer truth” they can all feed into – and crucially, pull from – removing friction in customer interactions, giving insight into their unique journey and leading to actionable insights for a seamless experience. HubSpot also urges businesses to start thinking about CMS as part of CRM because of how strongly linked customer experience is to websites today. If the customer experience bar has risen, so too must their digital experience

しかしながら, there seems to be a tremendous gap between businesses’ aspirations to delight today’s demanding customers and the tech stack they have at their fingertips. According to HubSpot research, 50 per cent of business leaders say their CRM is difficult to use and 76 per cent report their team doesn’t use the majority of their CRM tools. What’s even more alarming is that 47 per cent believe their software is incapable of helping them meet their business goals over the next three years. What’s the point of having a “strong” CRM if you aren’t fully leveraging its benefits?

On this front, HubSpot has made a conscious decision to invest in its own product team, having created a modern CRM platform that is fundamentally built with customer experience in mind so its customers benefit from software that’s cohesive, customisable and empowering. HubSpot’s powerful and easy-to-use CRM platform is carefully crafted in-house, complemented with hundreds of apps and tools that can be integrated out of the box and that seamlessly work together as the building blocks of the user experience. From small start-ups to iconic brands such as Revolut, Skyscanner, TikTok and WWF, HubSpot helps front office teams deepen relationships with prospects and customers and provide a best-in-class experience.

We all know that having a good product is no longer enough. 今日, you need to build a customer experience that is 10 times better than the competition. People buy from companies that create incredible end-to-end experiences not just incredible products. Brands need to prove they can truly enrich their customers’ digital experiences amid a juncture in history where ease of comfort is ever more important to our day-to-day lives.

If your business is looking to kickstart its post-pandemic life, getting on board with HubSpot CRM could be just what you need.

Originally published on Business Reporter