Rob Beckett shared every detail of his wild England v Germany experience on Instagram

Rob Beckett shared every detail of his wild England v Germany experience on Instagram
‘I’m absolutely f***ed out my head… this is the greatest night of my life,’ comedian told followers

Rob Beckett left fans in stitches as he documented his drunken night out after Tuesday’s (29 June) Euro 2020 match on Instagram.

The comedian was in the crowd at Wembley Stadium to watch England defeat Germany 2-0, taking the team through to the quarter-finals.

The night began for Beckett as he arrived with fellow comic Lloyd Griffiths 90 minutes early, with the pair enjoying some beers as they waited. The entire video can be watched on Beckett’s Instagram here.

He soon explained to the camera ahead of the 5pm kick off: “I’m drunk. It’s quarter-past four, I’m going to watch England, I’m going to drink some more and then tomorrow at 9.30am I’ve got a meeting about a new kitchen that we’re going to have in our house. Wish us luck.”

After the pair were shown on TV mid-match, Beckett added: “If you saw us on the telly, we’re f***ed.”

Post-match, he filmed himself drunkenly swaying on the train home, explaining: “I’m absolutely f***ed out my head, this is the greatest night of my life.”

He then proceeded to sit down on the street next to a police car to eat chicken from KFC, before getting in an Uber with a driver who gave him a megaphone to shout “come on England” out of the window.

Returning home to his wife (who clarified that he needed some water and dry bread), Beckett insisted that he would be doing the school run and appearing on Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 show the next morning.

The following morning Beckett shared his struggles as he tried to complete his daily tasks, including having forgotten to take the bins out and eventually “crying in the car” before ordering an afternoon pizza.

As the clips circulated on social media, fans of the comedian said they were in stitches watching the video.

“Please do yourself a favour and go watch the carnage which is Rob Beckett’s post-euros Instagram story from last night. 10/10 content,” one commenter wrote.

“Rob Beckett’s Instagram story is one to watch. Absolutely CREASING at him rolling round an Uber with a f***ing megaphone,” another posted.

One tweet read: “Rob Beckett sitting in a random backstreet eating KFC at 11pm is a true reflection of English people post winning an England game and I am loving it.”