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Kinesisk popstjerne pågrepet mistenkt for voldtekt

Kinesisk popstjerne pågrepet mistenkt for voldtekt
Beijing police say Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu has been detained on suspicion of rape

Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu has been detained by Beijing police on suspicion of rape, police announced Saturday, following an accusation the former member of the koreansk boy band EXO lured young women into sexual relationships.

Wu, 30, earlier was accused by a teenager of having sex with her while she was drunk. Wu denied the accusation.

The teenager said seven other women contacted her to say Wu seduced them with promises of jobs and other opportunities. She said some were under 18 but gave no indication whether they were younger than China’s age of consent of 14.

Wu has been “criminally detainedon suspicion of rapein response to relevant information reported on the internetincluding that he “repeatedly lured young women to have sexual relations,” the police statement said. It gave no other details.

The teenager publicized her accusations on social media and later in an interview with internet portal NetEase. A day after that interview appeared, i det minste 10 brands including Porsche and Louis Vuitton broke off endorsement and other deals with Wu.

“There was no ‘groupie sex’! There was no ‘underage’!” Wu wrote last month on his social media account. “If there were this kind of thing, please everyone relax, I would put myself in jail!”

The teenager and Wu both said they had asked authorities to investigate.

Saturday’s statement didn’t mention that case and gave no information about the status of that investigation.