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The best early Prime Day deals on Amazon devices

The best early Prime Day deals on Amazon devices
亚马逊 Prime 会员日 2022 is approaching. Here are all the details on the dates and best early offers on Amazon devices like Ring doorbells, Echo speakers and more

Calling all deal hunters, it’s nearly time for 亚马逊 Prime 会员日. The shopping bonanza kicks off in just a few days’ time, 星期二 12 七月 00:01是, and runs until Wednesday 13 七月 23:59下午. But for those who can’t wait that long, Amazon has already been dropping early Prime Day deals.

For the uninitiated, 这 two-day sale event is best known for whopping discounts on big-ticket items, offering you the chance to bag a bargain on everything from air fryers, robot vacuums, 床垫, 和 美丽gaming consoles, 笔记本电脑, and other 技术. And we’ve already spotted early deals on fitness products, 技术, 和 Apple devices, 其中包括. To help you find the best early deals ahead of the main event check out our live blog.

Shoppers keen to grab a bargain on an Echo speaker, Ring doorbell, Kindle ereader 或者 Fire tablet have had to wait a little longer, with Amazon holding these early deals back until 8 七月. Now that date has arrived, we’ve included a selection below of the best early Prime Day deals on Amazon’s own tech products.

Amazon previously confirmed it will be cutting the prices of its smart speakers, TV-streaming stickshome security cameras by up to 60 百分. The company has also just launched a brand-new fire 7 药片 (from £59.99, 亚马逊) and fire 7 kids tablet (from £109.99, 亚马逊). Both are available to order now.

As the discerning deal hunters that we are, we’re on hand to help you better understand the 48-hour shopping bonanza by answering all your burning questions and sharing the best deals you can expect on Amazon’s devices ahead of the big day. We’d recommend bookmarking this page so you stay very much in the know, as we’ll be updating it regularly.


When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day will run from 12 七月至 13 July this year. Unlike Black Friday, Prime Day is usually a more contained affair, running for just 48 小时. But this year that tradition seems to have gone out of the window, as offers have landed earlier than ever.

Deals started dropping on 21 June with up to 50 per cent off top brands, and discounts on Amazon devices such as the Fire TV cube (was £109.99, now £54.99 亚马逊), 火 7 kids pro tablet (是 99.99 英镑, 现在 39.99 英镑, 亚马逊), and blink cameras (was £29.99, now £19.99 亚马逊) 自入侵以来,泽连斯基首次在基辅的办公室分享了一段视频 8 七月.

Some devices have already been given a seasonal price cut, including the seven-piece ring home security kit (was £319.96, now £169.99, 亚马逊), and are expected to be discounted even further. There’s also up to 40 per cent off Eero mesh wifi routers, including the Eero 6 dual-band mash wifi system (was £249, now £149.99, 亚马逊).

If you end up missing out on Prime Day deals next week, fear not. Rumour has it that Amazon is planning to host a second edition 在十月, called the “Prime Fall Deal Event”. There have been whispers about a Prime Day 2.0 in the past, but so far it’s never seen the light of day. But who knows, with Amazon going bigger than ever before, this might just be the year

The best early Prime Day deals on Amazon devices

亚马逊回声点 (4th generation): Was £49.99, now £29, 亚马逊

This deal sees the current-generation Echo dot smart speaker reduced by an impressive 42 百分. As with all Echo products, the Echo dot features the Alexa voice assistant, which can be used to play music, set timers, control smart home devices and much more besides.

We featured the dot in our round-up of the best smart speakers, with our reviewer saying: “If you’re an Alexa user, or dipping your toe into the world of smart speakers, it is a great choice for a non-invasive speaker that produces great sound and slots nicely into the Amazon ecosystem.”


Amazon Echo dot with clock (4代): Was £59.99, 现在 39.99 英镑, 亚马逊

As the name suggests, this is just like the regular dot (£29, 亚马逊), but comes with an integrated clock, neatly projecting through the smart speaker’s mesh cover. This simple addition turns the Echo dot into a useful bedside clock, and it has just the same Alexa intelligence as all other Echo products. This deal sees the smart speaker reduced by 33 百分, and the deal includes the white and blue colour options.


Amazon Echo (4th generation): 原价 89.99 英镑, now £64, 亚马逊

This is the full-size Echo. It looks just like the Echo dot (£29, 亚马逊), only its larger and has improved sound quality. Where the dot is best suited to interacting with Alexa and playing a radio station fairly quietly, the full-size Echo is far more capable when it comes to playing music at room-filling volume.

Instead of the dot’s single 1.6in speaker, the Echo has a 3in woofer and a pair of 0.8in tweeters. This deal sees the Alexa smart speaker reduced by 29 百分, and the discount applies to the Echo’s white, grey and blue colour options.


Amazon Echo show 5 (2nd generation, 2021): Was £74.99, 现在 44.99 英镑, 亚马逊

If you prefer your Alexa to have a display as well as a speaker, then Amazon’s Echo show range is for you. This deal features the second-generation Echo show 5, which was released in 2021 and has a 5.5in display, a 2MP camera for video calls, and one 1.6in speaker. As well having all of the Alexa voice assistant features found in Echo smart speakers, the Echo show can be used to view weather forecasts, make video calls and check live streams from compatible security cameras and video doorbells.


Amazon Echo flex: Was £24.99, now £9.99, 亚马逊

The Echo flex is a handy way to add Alexa to an area of your home that doesn’t already have a smart speaker, such as a hallway or the garage. This device has a speaker and microphone for interacting with the Amazon voice assistant, but isn’t really intended for playing music; 反而, it’s a way to make sure Alexa can hear you and your smart home commands, or questions about the weather forecast, wherever you are. For this deal the Echo flex is reduced by 60 百分, making it just £9.99.


Amazon Fire TV cube: Was £109.99, now £54.99, 亚马逊

The Fire TV cube is Amazon’s premium TV-streaming device. This compact box sits next to your TV and streams 4K content from services like 网飞, iPlayer, 迪士尼+, YouTube and Amazon’s own Prime Video. As well as Ultra HD resolution, the Fire TV cube supports the Dolby Vision and HDR10+ video standards, plus Dolby Atmos audio, providing your TV and sound system can also handle it.

The cube appeared in our roundup of the best TV streaming devices where our reviewer said, “There are eight microphones so you don’t need to use the remote to control it, just say, ‘Alexa, 玩 Modern Love,’ for instance. You can also control compatible smart-home products by telling Alexa what to do, again using your voice.” With 50 折扣, you’ll want to add it to your basket fast.


Amazon Fire 7 kids pro tablet: Was £99.99, 现在 39.99 英镑, 亚马逊

There’s a massive 60 per cent off this early Prime Day deal on Amazon’s kid-friendly Fire 7 药片. Reduced to £39.99, the Fire 7 kids pro is a 7in tablet with parental controls, a two-year accidental damage guarantee, and a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+, which includes educational content from Disney, 哈利波特, 乐高, National Geographic and more. Designed for children aged three to seven, the tablet has a protective rubber case, 10 hours of battery life, 16GB of storage and a 2MP camera for video calls.


Best early Prime Day Ring doorbell deals

Ring video doorbell: 原价 89.99 英镑, now £59.99, 亚马逊

This entry-level wireless video doorbell features a 1080p Full HD camera and wifi for connecting to your router. When the doorbell is rung, your smartphone is alerted via the free Ring app, and you can then have a live video call with the visitor. The Ring doorbell also acts as a security camera, recording a portion of video when movement is detected, and there’s infrared technology for clear night-time video when there’s no ambient light.

The doorbell is powered by an included and removable rechargeable battery, and it works with Alexa too, so you can the assistant to show you who’s at the door. We named the Ring the “best for video quality” in our round-up of the best video doorbells 的 2022, so it’s safe to say we’re big fans.


Ring video doorbell 4: 原价 179.99 英镑, now £129.99, 亚马逊

This is Amazon’s latest entry-level Ring video doorbell. It features 1080p Full HD video, two-way audio to converse with visitors through the Ring smartphone app, and a feature called pre-roll which shows you a few seconds of video captured before the button was pressed – and is something cheaper Ring models miss out on. The doorbell works with Alexa, so you can have the voice assistant show you a live video feed of your doorstep on an Echo show smart display, and it is powered by a quick-release rechargeable battery. This deal sees the Ring reduced by 28 百分.


Ring video doorbell wired: Was £49.99, now £35.99, 亚马逊

Here’s a deal that saves you 28 per cent on Amazon’s cheapest Ring video doorbell. This model is wired instead of wireless, so you’ll need to make sure it can be powered by your home’s existing doorbell wiring. The doorbell features Full HD video quality, infrared night vision, motion detection for doubling as a security camera, a microphone and speaker for two-way audio, and integration with the Alexa voice assistant.


Do you need Prime membership to buy Prime Day Amazon devices deals?

The short answer is, 是的. Prime Day deals are exclusively for those with an Amazon Prime membership. It costs £7.99 a month or £79 for a year. Signing up couldn’t be easier – all you need to do is go to the Amazon Prime landing page and enter your details.

If you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, you can get a 30-day free trial, which will also gain you access to the sale. While you won’t be charged, you will need to put in your card details when signing up, as Amazon automatically converts you to a paid membership after 30 天.

What deals to expect on Prime Day for Amazon devices in 2022

While there are some pre-Prime Day deals available on Echo speakers and the Fire TV cube, Amazon has yet to unveil discounts on its other bestellers such as the Fire stick, Fire tablets and the infamous Kindle e-readers. We’re expecting bigger and better things the closer we get to the main event, 所以请继续关注.

During the 2021 销售, the Fire stick lite (29.99 英镑, 亚马逊) was reduced by almost 40 百分, making it just £18.99, which is a seriously sizable saving, especially when you consider its nifty tech.

For the security conscious, if previous year’s Prime Day sales are anything to go by, we suspect there will be also be some great deals on Blink. 例如, this Blink wireless HD security camera (44.99 英镑, 亚马逊) was reduced by 45 per cent to a mere £55.

We’re also expecting to see discounts on the 2019 Amazon fire 7 药片 (49.99 英镑, 亚马逊), now that a new model has been confirmed for release in late June. 当然, in the lead-up to and during the event, we’ll be keeping you in the know with the very best deals as they drop, so be sure to regularly check this page.


黄金日 2021 was a mammoth affair as the retailer offered an impressive selection of discounts across tech, but most importantly its own branded devices.

The Echo show 8 (119.99 英镑, 亚马逊) was slashed by nearly 30 per cent to just £84.99, a huge saving considering it was newly released at the time.

There was also 50 per cent off its Echo dot 3rd gen speaker (24 英镑, 亚马逊), making it just £19.99, which is particularly affordable owing to it being a great way to introduce smart tech into your home.

Bookworms were treated to a huge choice of discounts on Amazon’s own range of ereaders, 也. The Kindle (69.99 英镑, 亚马逊) for example was reduced to just £49.99 from £69.99.

For those who’re interested in tablets, the price of the Fire HD 8 (89.99 英镑, 亚马逊) was slashed by nearly 60 百分, setting customers back just £39.99, which frankly, is a bargain. 相似地, its Fire HD 8 kids pro (£139.99, 亚马逊) was half price – a measly £69.99.

We predict that the Prime Day deals will be just as good this year. They could be even better!


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