JLo’s engagement ring is a green diamond showstopper – shop these similar styles

JLo’s engagement ring is a green diamond showstopper – shop these similar styles
Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring is a green diamond showstopper – shop the best emerald alternative pieces

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are throwing it all the way back to 2002 and are officially engaged again – 18 years after they called off the first wedding.

Rekindling their romance last spring, the singer announced their engagement via her OntheJLo newsletter on Friday, giving fans a first look at her large green-stone diamond ring that’s nothing short of a showstopper.

Much like the singer’s pink-stone ring from the couple’s first engagement, the new ring is likely worth millions. This one is rumoured to be centred with a rare 8.5-carat natural green diamond.

Kyron Keogh, the co-founder of British luxury jeweller ROX Diamond and Thrills, said: “Among fancy coloured diamonds, natural coloured green stones with saturated hues are some of most sought after stones in the world. Given its exclusivity, it could cost up to $3m/£2.3m.

Having explained in a previous newsletter that green is her lucky colour, the alternative engagement ring appears to hold extra special meaning for JLo. “I’ve realised there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green,” she once wrote. We’re sure, JLo.

If you’re looking to throw away tradition with a similar JLo-approved emerald-hued ring, here we’ve detailed the eye-catching green pieces that shone out for our reviewer of alternative engagement rings.

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Liv Luttrell emerald spear tip ring: £9,400, Livluttrell.com 

Delivering a rich blast of green, London designer Liv Luttrell’s emerald ring was a standout for our reviewer. Instead of a diamond, the ring has a sugarloaf emerald at its centre (sugarloaf refers to the emerald’s rounded, smooth shape). “The emerald, which is held in place with four spear-tip claws, sits above a highly polished concave that bounces light back at you, creating a play of light without resorting to diamonds,” they lauded. Crafted from responsibly sourced gold, the 18ct yellow gold ring has been hand carved using a technique known as cire perdue. “You should also consider how careful you are likely to be while wearing it, as emeralds are delicate gemstones and can get damaged. This is not an ideal choice for clumsy brides-to-be,” our reviewer also noted.

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Anthony Lent emerald and diamond tiny hands ring: £1,150, Tomfoolerylondon.co.uk

Ideal for arty brides, this tiny hands ring from New York jeweller Anthony Lent looks like a miniature sculpture. “Crafted in 18ct yellow gold, this ring feels delicate when on the finger and reminiscent of antique Victorian jewels, which used hand motifs as an artistic tool,” said our reviewer. “A tiny diamond (0.04ct) and a small emerald (0.19ct) bring both sparkle and colour, and though emeralds are notoriously brittle, this design has a sturdy setting that should protect the gem during daily wear,” they added.

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Shimell and Madden three strut ring, blue tourmaline: £1,820, Shimellandmadden.com

This blue-green gem is perfect for brides favouring a geometric look. “The 18ct yellow gold eschews the traditional high polish associated with classic engagement rings and instead has a textured finish to create an understated sparkle,” noted our reviewer. “At the centre is an unusual, square-cut indicolite tourmaline, a rare blue-green gem that is instantly mesmerising.” Shimmell and Madden also offers several matching bands if you’re thinking ahead to a matching wedding band.

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